Jury Duty

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Jury service is one of the most important responsibilities of a citizen. The right to a trial by jury is a cornerstone of our American Justice System. Our system of justice cannot function unless citizens serve as jurors. We appreciate and thank you for responding to your questionnaire and appearing for jury service. Our hope is that you will enjoy the privilege and opportunity of jury service.


NEW! Login to the Juror Plus Web Solution Juror Portal ​to update your address, request a deferral or excusal, upload documents required for your request and provide your cell phone number and email address to opt-in for text and email notifications when this feature is activated. ​(We will never give out your information and you can change it at any time). 

*You MUST call or email us to let us know you have uploaded documentation and verify receipt. ​ 

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 Reporting Instructions

After 5pm the day before your assigned date of service click the JURY NOTICE TO APPEAR​ tab above. It may not be accurate until after 5pm the day before your assigned date. 

Key Re​​minders

  • Dress must be appropriately business attire.  No shorts or tank tops or uniforms of any type for men or woman.  
  • Jurors will be required to pass through a metal detector when entering the courthouse.  
  • Weapons, chemicals agents, scissors, pocket knives, cameras, laptops, iPods, electronic books, E-Cigarette’s and cell phones should be left in your car.  
  • We have a phone for your use in the jury room and a refrigerator available should you want to bring a lunch or snack.​

What is a Summons for Jury Duty?
The Summons is the official court document that requires you to serve as a juror. If you fail to comply with the summons, you may be held in contempt of court and fined $200.
What are Assigned Dates of Service?
Jurors summoned to serve jury duty in the Virginia Beach Circuit Court are assigned to one day a week for an entire month. Your "Assigned Dates of Services" are printed in the upper, right-hand corner of the first page of your Summons.
Where is my "Juror" number?
Your Juror number is listed on your summons to the left of your Assigned Dates of Service at the top of your summons.
How do I determine if I am required to appear?
The Summons for Jury Duty officially places you "on-call" for jury service. The Court "calls-in" only the number of jurors needed, based on the number of jury trials scheduled. The Court uses two "call-in" systems to notify you that you are required to report. The Notice to Appear is the official notice to "report to court" and shall have the effect of a court order. The Jury Administrator prepares a Notice to Appear the business day before each of the "Assigned Dates of Service" listed on your Summons. You must check after 5:00 p.m., the business day before each of your "Assigned Dates of Service." Monday jurors may check after 5:00 p.m. on Fridays but it is recommended you call back on Sunday evening as cases can come off at the last minute. You must call in each week on the business day before each of your "Assigned Dates of Service" listed on your Summons until the entire month of service is complete. You will hear a message on the recording telling you that your service is complete. For confidentially reasons only your juror number will be listed on the recording and web site.

Call the Jury Recorded Message at 757-430-4262 or
Check this Web Site - Check the "Jury Notice to Appear" published on this web site.
You are required to report if your Juror Number is listed on the Jury Notice to Appear. Your Juror number is listed on your summons next to your Assigned dates of Service.
What do I do if my juror number is listed?
Bring your Summons with you to the Jury Assembly Room.
Show the Parking Pass to the Deputy in the parking lot but DO NOT PLACE IT IN YOUR WINDOW. 
We recommend you add 10 to 15 minutes to your travel time to allow for delays in parking and passing through the Judicial Center Security. Arrive no later than 8:45 am. Reserved parking is only provided until 9:00am.

What do I do if my juror number is not listed?
If your juror number is not listed, you do not need to report on that particular day. Be sure that you check again on the evening before your next assigned date of service. Failure to Appear can result in a show cause being issued.
IMPORTANT:  We make every effort to have the JURY NOT​ICE TO APPEAR​ list updated by 5 p.m. the day before your reporting date. If the date is not correct or you feel there is an error, you can call the automated system at 757-430-4​262 using instructions on your summons or contact us directly before 5 p.m. the day before or after 8 a.m. the morning of your report date. ​

 Request Deferral/Excusal

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​​Please read the following BEFORE submitting your request o​r calling the court. 

If you are able to serve on all but one of the Assigned Dates of service listed on your summons, the court can excuse you for one day. However, you must notify the court by email at juryadm@vbgov.com   or online at the link above or by phone 385-4589 at least 7 days prior to your first scheduled report date. Please give us the date you want to be excused and the reason.   This is for a one day excusal.

Deferrals (Postpone your service)

If you are unable to serve during the month for which you have been called due to scheduling conflicts, vacations, business reasons, etc., the court will allow a one time deferral to another month which is more convenient for you within a one year period of your original month of service. The deferral request must be received 7  days prior to your "first"scheduled date of service. If it is outside this time period you will have to call our office. You will need the following information to login:
  • Badge Number - this the number printed directly above the barcode on your summons.
  • Zip Code- use the one printed on your summons even if you have moved. 
  • Birthdate - must enter in format 01/01/1900.

Only ONE deferral is permitted. If you have previously been deferred then you will not be able to request a deferral. You must receive a confirmation page to ensure your deferral has been processed.


To complete an excusal request online, you will need the following information from your summons.

  • The badge number printed above the barcode on your summons.
  • Your zip code 
  • Your birthdate. (format MM/DD/YYYY)
You will ONLY be granted an excusal if it is for a reason permitted by the Code of Virginia. Documentation will be required for an excusal request and can be uploaded via the Jury Plus Web Solutions Juror Portal ,  faxed to 385-1314 or emailed to Juryadm@vbgov.com.  You MUST  verify that we have received your information when you submit it.  Always call  385-4589 or email us at juryadm@vbgov.com to verify receipt.  Your request is not granted until you receive this verification. 

Below is an explanation of the Excusal codes on the web.
  • AGE-If you are under 18 years old
  • ALREADY SERVED-If you have served in the past 3 YEARS
  • AGE-OVER 70- If you are over 70 years old
  • CARE OF DEPENDENT-If you are personally responsible for a person with mental or physical disability between 8:30 and 5:00 pm.
  • DECEASED-If summons was mailed to deceased person, please accept our apologies.
  • FELON-If you are a felon (DUI is not felony)
  • LANGUAGE-This option is not to be used and must be determined by a Judge.
  • MEDICAL- If you have a medical condition, please fax a note from your doctor with your name, month of service and length of disability to 385-1314
  • MILITARY-If you are active duty with armed forces and requesting excusal. Please fax letter from commanding officer to 385-1314.
  • MEDI-PERMANENT-If you have a permanent medical condition, please fax letter from doctor indicating such to 385-1314.
  • MARINER-If you are employed in maritime service.
  • NON-CITIZEN-If you are not a citizen of the United States.
  • NON-RESIDENT-If you reside outside of Virginia Beach, please fax proof.
  • OCCUPATION- If you are a sole proprietor fax business license as proof


If you are a full time student and cannot serve during the month for which you have been summoned, the court will allow a deferral to a month during which you are not in school for up to a 2 year period. This request will have to be made by phone only.

​​If you are a full or part-time student and need to change your Assigned Date of Service, you can change your day of service to any day Monday - Wednesday that best fits your class schedule. Thursdays and Fridays are not available.​


 Selection Process

Step 1: Each year the names of prospective jurors are selected randomly by computer from a merged list of voter registration records and the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles records.
Step 2: The Circuit Court mails a Jur​y Questionnaire to individuals who were randomly selected. The questionnaire must be completed and returned to the Court within ten days.
Step 3: Jury Commissioners (appointed by the Court) review the questionnaire responses and select approximately 10,000 qualified citizens based on the criteria set forth in the Virginia Code. The citizens selected by the Jury Commissioners constitute the Master Jury Pool for the next calendar year.
Step 4: Approximately 800 jurors per month are randomly selected from the Master Jury Pool and are summoned to serve on Assigned Dates of Service (usually one day a week) during their month of service.
Step 5: The Court issues a Summons for Jury Duty which officially places you "on-call" for jury service. Approximately 200 jurors are "on-call" each day. Rather than require all 200 jurors to report, the Court "calls-in" only the number of jurors needed, based on the number of jury trials scheduled. Not all jurors reporting for service are selected for trial cases.​

 Jury Scam

The individual claiming to be an agent of the court or sheriff's office indicates that the phone call is in regards to jury or grand jury service, issuing threats regarding failure to appear and requesting personal information for "verification purposes" or requesting a payment to avoid a contempt arrest warrant. The characteristics of these juror scams are fairly consistent nationally. The fraudster calls the target and identifies himself/herself as a member of local law enforcement. The target is told that there is a pending warrant for their arrest for failing to appear for jury service but they can avoid a custodial arrest by promptly paying a fine. They are told the payment is required as soon as possible and they are directed to buy a prepaid money card in a specified amount. In some cases the fraudster will stay on the line with the target during the entirety of the criminal event. This is done presumably to ensure that the target is unable to contact friends or family who may dissuade them from purchasing a prepaid money card. Once the prepaid money card has been purchased, the target is told to give the fraudster the number and codes. The fraudster then converts the codes into cash or merchandise.

The Virginia Beach Circuit Court may call to find out why someone did not show for jury duty, but our court officials will never request personal identifying information over the phone or request a payment to avoid court process. ​

You may contact our jury office at 757-385-4589. If you believe you have been contacted by such an individual you may contact the local FBI office located in Norfolk, Virginia at 455-0100.

Contact Information


Note: You must enter through the main entrance  on Nimmo Parkway facing Harris Teeter

​The Jury Room is located at 24​25 Nimmo Parkway, Virginia Beach, VA 23456  in building 10 on the Ground Floor.  Click the link below to insert your address for driving directions to the​ court. ​

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