Circuit Court

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Virginia State SealThe Circuit Court is the trial court of general jurisdiction with authority to try both civil and criminal cases. The Circuit Court also has jurisdiction over divorce cases and adoptions. In criminal cases, the circuit court has jurisdiction over the trial of all felonies and of those misdemeanors originally charged in circuit court. The circuit court also hears appeals from general district court in civil and criminal cases and from juvenile and domestic relations district court.

​Important:  You must use Google Chrome to open the Judicial Settlement Conference Calendar ​

 Judicial Settlement Conference


The Circuit Court Daily Docket is updated and posted to this website by 5:00 pm daily.  The handwritten number by each case is the Courtroom number the case will be in.  Courtrooms 1-8 are located on the 4th floor of building 10. Courtroom 9 & 10 are located on the 3rd Floor of building 10.  

To open the latest docket available click the link below:

​​We do our best to have the docket for the next business day posted by 5pm.  If we were unable to post it, please check the docket boards the morning of your trial to see which courtroom you are in.  The numbers beside the case indicate the courtroom number. 

 Conference/Holiday Schedule

2020  Calendar
September 7-Holiday
October 12-Holiday
November 3-Election Day-Holiday
November 11- Holiday
November 25- Close at Noon
November 26-Holiday
November 27-Holiday
December 23-Close at Noon
December 24-Holiday
December 25-Holiday
December 28- No Court (office open)
December 29-No Court (office open)
December 30-No Court (office open)
December 31-Closed
2021 Calendar
January 1-Holiday​
January 18-Holiday
February 15-Holiday
April 16-Judicial Conference (No Court-Office Open)
May 10-Judicial Conference (No Court-Office Open)
May 11-Judicial Conference (No Court-Office Open)
May 12-Judicial Conference (No Court-Office Open)
May 13-Judicial Conference (No Court-Office Open)
May 31-Holiday
June 18-Holiday
July 5- Holiday
September 6-Holiday
September 17-Judicial Conference (No Court-Office Open)
October 11-Holiday
November 2-Holiday
November 11-Holiday
November 24- Close Noon
November 25 -Holiday
November 26-Holiday
December 23-Holiday
December 24-Holiday
December 27-29-No Court-Office Open
December 30-Holiday
December 31-Holiday

 Bar News


Audio/Visual Equipment

The Court currently provides a  90" display monitor,  Wirless Barco Clickshare  and Document Camera in each courtroom that can be used for trial. (We do not run the equipment for you but will assist you with how to hookup to it if you schedule an appointment in advance. )​  Please contact Cheryl Flannagan at to schedule a demo of equipment.​
You will need to provide a laptop to connect to the equipment. We provide a Barco Clickshare device that will connect to a USB port or your computer.  To see how clickshare works, you can view this video
It is highly recommended  that you call or email to schedule a demo a week or so before your trial for instructions on how to hookup and run the equipment.  The court is not responsible for running your equipment.  To SCHEDULE A DEMO OF OUR AUDIO/VISUAL for an upcoming trial, please send an email at Cheryl Flannagan at . 

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