Each party involved in a divorce matter is strongly encouraged to consult with an attorney so that the legal effects of the proceedings may be fully explained. While it is your right to proceed without an attorney, if you do so, you may forever, unknowingly waive your rights to custody or visitation, child or spousal support, equitable distribution of property, and other legal claims arising out of your marriage. The law clerks, clerk’s office and judicial staff are not permitted to give legal advice. In addition, the court and clerk's office do not provide forms to file a divorce action (Bill of Complaint) or Final Divorce Decrees.
NEW:  Effective October 20, 2010, a separate Parent Education Seminar Order is no longer required. The Divorce Pretrial Order has been revised to require that the parties, prior to the trial date, submit proof  that they have attended the education seminar pursuant to § 20-103.
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