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 Address & Directions

​​The Virginia Beach Judicial Center is located at 2425 Nimmo Parkway, Virginia Beach, VA 23456. For a Map and Driving Directions to the Judicial Center, Click the Link at Right.​

 Inclement Weather

​These procedures apply to the following Virginia Beach Courts and their Clerks' Offices:

  • Circuit Court
  • General District Co​urt
  • Juvenile & Domestic Relatio​​ns District Court

Closing the Court

First Day - On the first day of the inclement weather or emergency event, all three of the Courts will close if the Virginia Beach Public Schools are closed.

Second or Subsequent Days - If the inclement weather or emergency is expected to continue to a second or following day(s), the Chief Judges of the three Courts will hold a telephone conference. At that time, they will decide whether the Courts will remain closed.

Circ​​uit Court Clerk's Office May Remain Open:

There may be occasions when the Clerk decides that the Circuit Court Clerk's Office will be open even though the Courts are closed. Notice of this decision will also ​be published on local news channels.

Telephone Announcements:

During Inclement weather closing information will be posted on the following recordings.

​​ Circuit Court Judges' Office - Main Number

 (757) 385-4501

 Circuit Court Duty Judge Docket Clerk

 (757) 385-4502

 Circuit Court, Jury Administration

 (757) 385-4589

 General District Court

 (757) 385-8531

 Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court

 (757) 385-4391​​​​​

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