It has come to the attention of this Court that a person or persons may be perpetuating an identity theft fraud in this City and Hampton Roads similar to these reported below:
  • The individual claiming to be an agent of the court indicates that the phone call is in regards to jury service, issuing harsh threats regarding failure to appear and requesting personal information for "verification purposes", or requesting a payment to withdraw a failure to appear capias.
  • A related scam has been reported in which the person claiming to be a court official sends a document requesting personal information such as social security number, name, date of birth and credit card information. The document claims it is needed in regards to jury service.

The Virginia Beach Circuit Court may call to find out why someone did not show for jury duty, but our court officials will never request personal identifying information over the phone or demand a payment. If you receive a phone call or a document requesting personal identifying and/or credit card information from an individual claiming to be an agent of the court issuing threats regarding jury service or requesting, or trying to confirm, any personal information for "verification purposes", do not provide any such information.

You may contact our jury office at 757-385-4589. If you believe you have been contacted by such an individual you may contact the local FBI office located in Norfolk, Virginia at 455-0100.
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