Virginia Beach Sports Center

Where Legends Rise​​​

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 Ron Williams, Deputy City Manager of Economic Vitality, welcomes City Leaders and the community to the grand opening of the Virginia Beach Sports Center. 10/2020
​Mayor Robert M. "Bobby" Dyer celebrates the 54 events that are already booked for year one (39 of those commitments are new to the market). 10/2020

​The project team passes batons to City Council Members in a ceremonial relay race. 10/2020
​City Council Members storm the finish line with excitement and declare the state-of-the-art facility open to the public. 10/2020

​While wearing face coverings and practicing social distancing - tour groups limited to 20 people are allowed into the building for a first look. 10/2020
​Attendees could not wait to see the bold blue coloring of the hydraulically banked track with their own eyes. 10/2020

​Attendees educated on how swiftly the basketball courts can be transformed for volleyball and other competition. 10/2020
​A guide gives this tour group details on how the building is designed to host multiple sporting events at once. 10/2020

Rendering of front exterior of sports center

​This state-of-the-art venue will host a diverse roster of sporting events and tournaments when it opens in the fall of 2020.  The new Sports Center is located across the street from the Virginia Beach Convention Center and within an easy stroll to local shops, restaurants and attractions, including the Oceanfront Boardwalk and beach, making it the perfect place to play… and then play some more!  ​​


Enthusiasm and local pride are coming up out of the ground with the rise of the Virginia Beach Sports Center. From the varied competition surfaces and specialized rooms, to lighting and sound, concessions, and other amenities—this facility boasts a well-integrated use of innovation and technology designed to bring gameday action and style ​​to both ​the athlete and fan experience.​​


​Take a look at this beauty shot of the exterior of the Virginia Beach Sports Center. Crews are adding the finishing touches to the plaza entrance, landscaping and nearby parking.  8/2020​
Here's a look at the entrance taken from the second floor. When you come inside you'll be greeted by attendants at the information desk and head to the right to select your seating. 8/2020​

You can walk from the foyer onto the floor and you're right there at the 200 meter indoor hydraulically banked track. It's truly something to behond! 8/2020​
From the second floor you can get a full view of the electric blue track and the 5,000 seat bleachers. 8/2020​
​The angle of the bleachers make way for the 5,000 seats to be the best in the house! 8/2020​Hidden under the bleachers is a practice track where athletes can warm up and get themselves ready for record-breaking performances. ​ 8/2020​
We're making sure that the athletes and fans know exactly where they are when they experience this excitement of a lifetime. 8/2020​ This winning experience will be signature for the Virginia Beach Sports Center.  8/2020​

If you want to hold a meeting, talk business, grab a bite and your laptop - without missing the can do it in our various large window privacy rooms. 8/2020​Let's not forget, on the other side of the ​​285,000 square foot facility are 12 basketball courts that can be converted into 24 volleyball courts in just moments. This place is spectacular! 8/2020​

The Sports Center's convertible courts and multifunctional spaces make the site the first of its kind on the East Coast not housed on a college or university campus. Its positioning within a day’s drive of two-thirds of the United States adds to the City’s demand as a year-​​round ​destination of choice. This next generation venue is where athletes and fans will create memories and welcomed experiences that last well beyond the game.​

 About the Building

  • ​​285,000 square feet
  • 12 basketball courts convertible to 24 volleyball courts
  •  200 meter indoor hydraulically banked track
  • Seating for 5,000 spectators
  • 195,000 square feet of programmable space to accommodate a variety of events using court space along with the ability to lay the track flat
  • Warm-up lanes
  • Swing restrooms with special doping control rooms
  •  Dedicated athlete restrooms and officials locker rooms with private entrance
  • Concession areas and meeting rooms
  • Outdoor courtyard events and staging space for ceremonies or live entertainment
  • Views from the mezzanine level to the track and courts
  • 0.8 miles to the Oceanfront​​

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