QUESTION: Are Trash Carts the Property of the City or a Homeowner?

FACT: The black trash carts belong to the people who purchased them, not the City. 
​​​​Un​less the trash cart is listed as part of the sale of a home, our residents are free to take their cart with them to their new home, if they so desire. If you move in and need a trash cart, Waste Management sells them for $75, and will deliver them to your home.

The carts come with a 10-year warranty, so if the wheels fall off, the lid snaps, or it cracks, it’ll be replaced at no cost to you. The warranty covers just about everything except for theft or fire damage. So, keep those hot ashes away from the carts!

Residents can purchase a trash cart from another vendor if they so desire. Just make sure it's a standard 95-gallon cart, otherwise the automatic grabbers on the trash trucks won't be able to pick it up. The City doesn't warranty carts purchased elsewhere, so keep that in mind if you choose to go an alternative route.​

The blue recycling carts are available at no cost to our residents as a way to encourage participation with the recycling program. The same rules apply for delivery and warranty for the blue carts.

For more information about Waste Management, including curbside services, please visit, or check out any of our previous coverage. To order a cart, please contact Waste Management customer service at 385-4650.

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