​RUMOR: The City Has an App to Bring Cardiac First Aid to Those in Distress

​​​FACT:  When someone is​ having a heart attack, seconds can mean the difference between life and death. That's where Pulse Point comes in.  VBEMS recently launched this app locally to create force multipliers: registered users are directed to a person in distress so they can begin CPR until first responders arrive. ​

Here's hPulsePointRespond_AED.pngow it works: When you register with the Pulse Point app, you will receive notifications from the City's 911 center when reported eve​​nts are in your area. Alerts are location specific, so, for example, if you're in Town Center and get an alert, it will be for an event nearby, not at the Oceanfront. 

Once alerted, anyone close by can respond and immediately administer hands-on CPR until first responders arrive. The app also indicates if there's an automatic external defibrillator, or AED, nearby. 

If you don't know CPR, you can help in another important way: Marking the locations of AED's. With the Pulse Point AED app, you can register the location of a device so it can be indicated in an emergency. After it's been submitted, local authorities will verify that it's accurate and add it to the database. The apps are available for free from your app store.

​Your help could increase the odds of someone surviving a cardiac event. Please visit www.vbems.com/pulsepoint for more information.​​​​




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