ISSUE: Golf Carts on City Streets

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​iStock-959589724_GolfCart.pngFACT: Golf carts a​​re illegal on public roads outside of five specific neighborhoods: Heron Ridge Estates; Chubb Lake, West of Pleasure House Road; Lago-Mar; Ashville Park; and Chesapeake Bay, east of Northampton Boulevard.

The five exempt neighborhoods are allowed to operate golf carts in their subdivisions after City Council approved an exception residents requested through petitio​ns. The decision carefully weighed factors such as the speed, amount and character of vehicle traffic in the requested areas. 

Golf carts are certainly a convenient way to get around, especially at the​​ oceanfront. However, operating a golf cart on a public road can pose a safety issue, not just to those in the cart, but to cars traveling along the road. Golf courses and private property are the only places in town a golf cart should be driven outside of the previously mentioned neighborhoods. 

If you believe a golf cart operating illegally, please call the VBPD non-emergency line at 385-5000. If it's a true emergency where life or safety is threatened, call 911. 

To read the complete ordinance, along with the specific str​eets in each neighborhood, please see the attached article. The complete list of codes and ordinances for Virginia Beach can be found online at Municipal Codes. ​ ​​​

Note: The ordinance was updated in September 2018, after the original episode aired to include Ashville Park and part of Chesapeake Bay.​

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