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ISSUE: Tourism spending and how it benefits residents

​FACT: Tourism provides more than 13,000 jobs, pays for major public projects and contributes about $56.4 million back to the City's General Fund. This equates to about 10 cents of savings on the Virginia Beach property tax rate.

CORRECTING THE RECORD: Virginia Beach has billions of dollars of unfunded pension liabilities.

FICTION: The City has a pension obligation of about $4.6 billion to cover its pension needs for city AND school employees. Currently, there is about $3.5 billion in assets in the pension fund. The shortfall is about $1.1 billion – $370 million for the City and $700 million for the schools. ​

ISSUE: The Agricultural Reserve Program

​​FACT: The ARP conserves natural resources, and preserves the character and heritage of southern Virginia Beach.​

ISSUE: Why is it necessary to appeal the assessed value of my vehicle every year?

FACT: The appealed value is only valid for one year since the condition of a vehicle, and its resale value, typically changes between inspections.

ISSUE: Why Are We Building Another Sports Facility? And Why Has the Cost Increased?

FACT: The recently approved Sports Center is being built to attract more of the sports tourism industry in Virginia Beach. The cost increased from $40 million to $68.1 million to account for additional parking and a larger facility than initially contemplated.​

ISSUE: Why Do I Have to Pay For Parking at The Oceanfront? I’m a Tax-paying Resident, So It Should Be Free!

FACT: Parking is an enterprise fund, which means it is self-supporting from the fees it collects. Revenue from real estate or personal property taxes are not used to support Parking Management’s operation. Rather, Virginia Beach uses a “pay as you go” approach to parking. Parking fees apply to the municipal garages, surface lots and on-street parking in our resort area.

QUESTION: What Are the Spending Priorities in the Recommended Budget and How Can I Get Involved?

FACT: We have provided information about the City’s Operating and Capital Improvement budget proposals in several formats, from short to the complete documents. 

QUESTION: Is Economic Development a Separate Entity from the City?

ANSWER: No, Economic Development (ED) is a City department that serves the residents of Virginia Beach, just like Parks & Recreation, Libraries, Public Utilities or any other department of our municipal govern​ment.​

ISSUE: Hotel Prices During Something in the Water Were Higher Than Normal. Surely, the City Can Do Something to Lower the Costs!

FICTION: For the most part, the City has no say over what private businesses charge for goods and services. 

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