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CORRECTING THE RECORD: You Can Park a Tiny Home Anywhere in Virginia Beach

​FICTION: McMansion or tiny, a house can only be placed in an area zoned for a house.​

ISSUE: Why Does it Take So Long to Have a Code Violation Addressed?

​FACT: Cited property owners are given a certain amount of time, depending on the violation, to correct any issues. Depending on the nature of the infraction, that timeframe could be anywhere from 24 hours to 30 days.​

ISSUE: Golf Carts on City Streets

​FACT: Golf carts are illegal on public roads outside of three specific neighborhoods: Heron Ridge Estates; Chubb Lake, West of Pleasure House Road; and Lago-Mar.​

CORRECTING THE RECORD: Anyone Can Fly a Drone Wherever They Want in Virginia Beach

​FICTION: Much of Virginia Beach is considered restricted airspace where operating a drone requires special permission or is outright prohibited.​

QUESTION: Does the City Have a Limit On the Number of Cars That Can Be Parked On a Residential Property?

FACT: No, the City does not have an ordinance limiting the number of vehicles that can be parked on a residential property.​

ISSUE: Can City Employees Accept Gifts from Residents as Thank-You’s?

FICTION: State law and the City's code of ethics prohibit employees from accepting gifts as part ​of their duties.

ISSUE: Who Is Responsible for Keeping Curbs and Gutters Free of Trash and Debris?

FACT: The City and residents share responsibilities for keeping curbs and gutters clear of obstructions. A City contractor sweeps the streets six times a year, and residents are responsible for everything up to the road pavement.

QUESTION: Why Doesn’t the City Allow Sledding on Mount Trashmore?

FACT: City officials enacted a ban after years of sledding injuries and attempts to make the activity safer were unsuccessful.

ISSUE: The Recently Adopted Short-Term Rental Ordinance

FACT: City Council passed an ordinance regulating the operations of short-term rentals that requires owners to register their properties and meet a number of criteria. A conditional use permit is required for all properties except those in Sandbridge.

QUESTION: Why Do Some Development Projects Need City Council or Planning Commission Approval and Some Do Not?

​​​​ANSWER: Some development is considered "by right," meaning the project conforms to an area's zoned use. If someone wants to build a surf shop on property that is zoned for commercial use, it's consistent with the zoning of that property and does not require any additional approval. ​​

RUMOR: Panhandling is Illegal. Why Does the City Allow it to Continue?

​​​F​ACT: Panhandling is not a crime in Virginia Beach. In fact, courts have ruled that it's a form of free speech.

RUMOR: The City Changed the Rules to Ban Dogs From the Oceanfront Beaches and Boardwalk This Year

​​​FICTION: The City ordinance has not been changed this year. Dogs, leashed or otherwise, have always been prohibited from being on the sand at the Oceanfront between Rudee Loop and 42nd Street, and restricted along the Boardwalk.​

ISSUE: Why Are There So Many Rules About the Beach? I Just Want to Have a Good Time at the Oceanfront!

​FACT: There are rules pretty much everywhere, so it should come as no surprise that there are rules about behavior at our beaches, as well. The ultimate goal of any regulations around beach activities is to keep the area clean and safe while allowing everyone equal enjoyment of the beaches. 

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