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RUMOR: Violent crime in Virginia Beach is at an all-time high

​​FICTION: Actually, the violent crime rate in Virginia Beach has been steadily declining over the last 50 years and, according to the most recent crime report, is at about the same level it was in the mid 1960s.

CORRECTING THE RECORD: Ambulance rides are expensive, and it’s no different in Virginia Beach.

FICTION: The Emergency Medical Service in Virginia Beach does not charge patients for services.​

CORRECTING THE RECORD: On April 25, a Twitter User Posted a Thread about Virginia Beach Police and Sheriff’s Office Staff Allegedly Detaining a Man for Giving Money to a Homeless Man

​​FICTIO​N: VBPD and the Sheriff’s Office found no record of a traffic stop matching the description in the tweets. Additional investigation into the alleged incident by neighboring jurisdictions and State Police also yielded no record matching the one depicted in the tweets.​

ISSUE: What to Do When You’re in Traffic With an Emergency Vehicle

​​​FACT: As safely as you can, make way for a first responder’s vehicle by either yielding the right-of-way when traveling, or moving to another lane or slowing down for a vehicle at a stop.​

ISSUE: How Does the City’s 911 Service Work?

FACT: The City's 911  telecommunicators ensure the necessary number and type of first responders are dispatched to a scene by collecting accurate information, while guiding callers through an emergency until help can arrive.

RUMOR: The Only Way to Find Missing Persons Is to Organize Search Parties

​FACT: The City has a program called Project Lifesaver, a national resource designed for individuals with cognitive disabilities to be easily located by first responders in an emergency situation.

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