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ISSUE: Stormwater Infrastructure Improvements Are Progressing through Neighborhoods as Part of a 15-Year Plan

FACT: Virginia Beach leadership is committed to addressing the increasing threats of recurrent flooding and sea level rise by completing a number of projects that are in various stages of development and construction.​​

ISSUE: Hurricane Preparedness

​FACT: Being prepared for hurricane season can make a world of difference for a household. Insure your belongings, have your supplies ready and “Know Your Zone” before a storm hits.

RUMOR: Is it True That You Can Adopt a Storm Drain in Virginia Beach?

​FACT: The City’s Adopt-a-Drain program lets residents register a storm drain to look after and keep clear of debris at the curb. And you can give it a name!

ISSUE: What is Dredging, and Why Does the City Do It?

FACT:  Dredging is one component of a larger plan designed to maintain the City's waterways for navigation and to mitigate flooding.

ISSUE: Understanding Virginia’s Know Your Zone Program

​​FACT: The Commonwealth of Virginia has identified four zones, designated A through D, in coastal areas of the state to help determine when evacuations may be necessary due to pending storms. Residents can determine their zone status anytime by visiting KnowYourZoneVA.org.​​

ISSUE: How Do Engineers Know What to Place and Where Along the City’s Stormwater Infrastructure?

​​FACT: Engineers use computer modeling to simulate the impacts of a storm throughout our city to determine how existing infrastructure can handle a storm, and how changes or upgrades will impact specific neighborhoods as well as the overall system.

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