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ISSUE: Waste collection guidelines

​FACT: ​If you put your garbage out for pickup, but the truck left it, it might not be because they missed your house but because your trash wasn't properly bundled for collection. Not sure what that means? Please, read on.

RUMOR: The City doesn’t send its recyclables to be recycled, they just stuff it under Mount Trashmore.

FICTION: Recyclables collected by the City's contractor are taken to a Tidewater Fibre Corporation center for processing.​

ISSUE: The In’s and Out’s of Mowing City Property

FACT: Mowing of City roadways throughout Virginia Beach occurs in cycles: a 30-day cycle for the rural roads, like Pungo Ferry Road, which covers the road shoulders, and an 18-day cycle for the urban areas, such as Virginia Beach Boulevard, for the medians.

QUESTION: Does Virginia Beach Collect Unwanted Medications as Part of the National Prescription Drug Take Back Day?

​ANSWER: Virginia Beach has four permanent collection sites at each VBPD precinct station available year-round to collect medications and medical sharps.

ISSUE: The City’s Mosquito Control Measures

​FACT: The City of Virginia Beach takes preventative measures year-round to reduce the mosquito population.

CORRECTING THE RECORD: Libraries haven't kept pace with the digital age.

​FICTION: The Virginia Beach Public Library offers technology, classes and events available to residents at no cost.​​


ISSUE: The City’s Resources to Address Homelessness

​FACT: The City of Virginia Beach recently completed construction on a new Housing Resource Center to provide homeless residents the support and programs they need to get off the street and into a permanent home.​​

CORRECTING THE RECORD: It’s Not OK to Put Plastic Grocery Bags in my Recycling Bin

FACT: Plastic bags are not accepted by the City’s recycling contractor. Only bottles and jugs, labeled one through seven, are can be processed.

QUESTION: What Does the City Do for Homeless Individuals During the Winter Months?

​FACT: The City partners with the faith community and the Judeo-Christian Outreach Center (JCOC) to offer the Winter Shelter program from November through March. Homeless adults are provided warm, safe places to stay overnight at local faith organizations and are connected to resources to improve their situations.

ISSUE: How Can Residents Report Problems That Need the City’s Attention?

​FACT: There are two easy ways: Give us a call at 311 or go to VBgov.com/reportaproblem and file a ticket.​

ISSUE: Why Doesn’t the City Buy Enough Equipment to Plow Every Neighborhood During a Snowstorm?

​FACT: To reach all 2,500 miles of neighborhoods immediately following a winter storm, the City would need about $45 million worth of trucks.

QUESTION: Why Does the Water Meter Reading Schedule Vary Sometimes, Which Results in an Inconsistent City Services Billing Cycle?

FACT: Inclement weather, holidays and other unforeseen circumstances can contribute to inconsistent billing cycles.

ISSUE: The City Gathers a lot of Public Input for the Comprehensive Plan. How Is It Making Sure to Hear From All Segments of the Community?

FACT: The backbone of a Comprehensive Plan is the collective voice of the people.  The City is implementing several methods to make it easier for all residents to be heard so that a Comp Plan is created that addresse​s the community’s shared challenges and goals.

QUESTION: Are Trash Carts the Property of the City or a Homeowner?

FACT: The black trash carts belong to the people who purchased them, not the City. 

QUESTION: Who is the VB Strong Center For and What Kind of Services Does It Offer?

FACT: The VB Strong Center was established to support anyone impacted by the tragic events of May 31, 2019 - City and School employees, their families, families of the victims, or any member of our community. The Center offers a number of services and programs centered around healing and recovery.

RUMOR: Is It True That Virginia Beach Has a 24/7 Information Hotline?

FACT: It’s true! Residents can reach out to VB311 over the phone by dialing 311 from any landline or 757-385-3111 on a cell phone or from outside the city limits.

ISSUE: What’s the Big Deal About the Citizen Satisfaction Survey?

​FACT: The survey, conducted every two years since 1995, rates citizen satisfaction with city services and programs, and helps guide the priorities of Council in areas that need improvement. 

ISSUE: Recreation Centers Are Only Good For Exercising. They Don’t Offer Anything More Than Other Gyms, Do They?

FACT: All of our seven recreation centers are equipped with state-of-the-art exercise equipment, but they're also community centers offering classes, holiday events, childcare, camps, and much more.​

ISSUE: How Can Residents Engage With the City Government to Address Issues or Learn More About What’s Going On?

​FACT: There are numerous ways to connect with your local government. Online, in person, or over the phone – each one offers a line of communication to the City of Virginia Beach to engage on issues and learn more about what's happening in our community.

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