VB411: Fact or Fiction?

Debunking fake news, correcting the record and combating misinformation that might be floating around Virginia Beach.


ISSUE: The In’s and Out’s of Mowing City Property

FACT: Mowing of City roadways throughout Virginia Beach occurs in cycles: a 30-day cycle for the rural roads, like Pungo Ferry Road, which covers the road shoulders, and an 18-day cycle for the urban areas, such as Virginia Beach Boulevard, for the medians.

ISSUE: Stormwater Infrastructure Improvements Are Progressing through Neighborhoods as Part of a 15-Year Plan

FACT: Virginia Beach leadership is committed to addressing the increasing threats of recurrent flooding and sea level rise by completing a number of projects that are in various stages of development and construction.​​

CORRECTING THE RECORD: On April 25, a Twitter User Posted a Thread about Virginia Beach Police and Sheriff’s Office Staff Allegedly Detaining a Man for Giving Money to a Homeless Man

​​FICTIO​N: VBPD and the Sheriff’s Office found no record of a traffic stop matching the description in the tweets. Additional investigation into the alleged incident by neighboring jurisdictions and State Police also yielded no record matching the one depicted in the tweets.​

ISSUE: The Agricultural Reserve Program

​​FACT: The ARP conserves natural resources, and preserves the character and heritage of southern Virginia Beach.​

CORRECTING THE RECORD: You Can Park a Tiny Home Anywhere in Virginia Beach

​FICTION: McMansion or tiny, a house can only be placed in an area zoned for a house.​

CORRECTING THE RECORD: Virginia Beach has billions of dollars of unfunded pension liabilities.

FICTION: The City has a pension obligation of about $4.6 billion to cover its pension needs for city AND school employees. Currently, there is about $3.5 billion in assets in the pension fund. The shortfall is about $1.1 billion – $370 million for the City and $700 million for the schools. ​

RUMOR: The City doesn’t send its recyclables to be recycled, they just stuff it under Mount Trashmore.

FICTION: Recyclables collected by the City's contractor are taken to a Tidewater Fibre Corporation center for processing.​

CORRECTING THE RECORD: Ambulance rides are expensive, and it’s no different in Virginia Beach.

FICTION: The Emergency Medical Service in Virginia Beach does not charge patients for services.​

ISSUE: Waste collection guidelines

​FACT: ​If you put your garbage out for pickup, but the truck left it, it might not be because they missed your house but because your trash wasn't properly bundled for collection. Not sure what that means? Please, read on.

RUMOR: Violent crime in Virginia Beach is at an all-time high

​​FICTION: Actually, the violent crime rate in Virginia Beach has been steadily declining over the last 50 years and, according to the most recent crime report, is at about the same level it was in the mid 1960s.

ISSUE: Tourism spending and how it benefits residents

​FACT: Tourism provides more than 13,000 jobs, pays for major public projects and contributes about $56.4 million back to the City's General Fund. This equates to about 10 cents of savings on the Virginia Beach property tax rate.

RUMOR: There will be no more holiday lights at the boardwalk

​FICTION: Rumor has it the holiday lights at the beach have been cancelled because City Council will not approve the funds to update the electrical systems. This is not true. The Holiday Lights Merry Mile was presented on the Boardwalk la​st year, between 8th and 22nd Streets and featured more than 50 of the most popular light exhibits from previous years. ​​​And, the 2018 display is slated to be even better.​​​​

RUMOR: City Hall is being relocated to Town Center

​FICTION: For a time, city leaders considered constructing a new City Hall at Town Center as one of several options for replacing the aging building. However, in October of 2017, City Council unanimously approved a resolution to proceed with the design of a new three-story structure adjacent to the current City Hall, between Buildings 1 and 2 at the municipal center.  The current building is old and full of asbestos, old pipes, old HVAC and old electrical wiring all of which make a rennovation impossible while the building is occupied. ​

CORRECTING THE RECORD: These can't be photos taken in Virginia Beach, can they?

​FACT: They can. Several folks questioned the provenance or authenticity of photos that the City Photographer has taken and have been posted to the City's Facebook page​, but they are, in fact, real and they are, in fact, scenes from around the City.​

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