ISSUE: The City Gathers a lot of Public Input for the Comprehensive Plan. How Is It Making Sure to Hear From All Segments of the Community?

FACT: The backbone of the Comprehensive Plan is the collective voice of the community.  Therefore, the City is making it easier for all residents to be heard to create a Comp Plan that addresses the shared challenges and goals of the entire community.​
​​​​​The Comprehensive Plan is long range policy that is updated every five years. However, because it is a living document it changes as the community grows and develops. The policies in the Comp Plan build an environment that impacts the daily lives of citizens by improving roads, sewers, water, electricity, schools, parks, open space, public safety and economic resilience. The plan is also a guide for the City’s goals of land use development allocations for residential, business and agricultural projects. 

The most successful comprehensive plans are those that receive broad community support. Rather than developing a plan that relies on an interpretation of the vision, values and expectations of residents, visitors and stakeholders, the City is actively seeking feedback from its community members by providing Comp Plan Ambassadors at public events, as well as an electronic option for public participation through a survey that is available 24/7 until November 27, 2019 at

While the Planning and Community Development Department is currently in the first phase of the Plan’s development, there will be opportunities for public engagement throughout the various phases of the Comp Plan’s development through pop up events, community presentations and public meetings. The community’s collective voi​​ce will help identify solutions and provide guidance for planning-related decisions that will be used by staff and experts to create drafts of the Comprehensive Plan. Public hearings will be held before the Planning Commission for public review of the Plan and the City Council before the Comprehensive Plan is finalized and adopted in 2021. 

For more information on the Comprehensive Plan and a list of events where you can find a Comp Plan Ambassador, visit​ and search Comp Plan.

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