RUMOR: Is It True That Virginia Beach Has a 24/7 Information Hotline?

​​​FACT: It’s true! Residents can reach out to VB311 over the phone by dialing 311 from any landline or 757-385-3111 on a cell phone or from outside the city limits.
​​​​​At VB411, we take pride in being purveyors of information, helping residents understand City programs and services. We’ve looked at things such as why we replenish the sand on our beaches to why it’s against the rules to sled down Mount Trashmore when it snows. But what if you have a question that you need answered right now? For that, the City has VB311.

A team of dedicated professionals staff the 311 call center, ready to answer resident questions and connect them with City resources that match their needs. At its core, VB311 is the information hub for the City and can answer just about any question you might have. Looking for a recreation center, public library, or police station closest to your house? How about the next trash collection day or even who is appearing at Something in the Water? Need to report a pothole, damaged street sign, or burnt out traffic light? VB311 can connect you to the right resource.

Since the call center is manned all day, every day, 311 can connect residents to resources after hours. For example, residents can report something like a broken water main to 311, which will pass the report on to Public Utilities, who will dispatch a team to make any necessary repairs.

311 is a counterpart to 911. Instead of dealing with burning houses, 311 deals with burning questions. If it turns out that you've called in with a genuine emergency that needs to be handed by 911, stay on the line. The 311 call-taker will collect your information and key details, relay it to 911 and connect you to 911 if necessary. Of course, if it’s a life-or-death situation, don’t hesitate to call 911 first.

VB311 also manages the VBAlert system, a program that allows the City to pass important information along to residents who have signed up—everything from emergency information about storms, to traffic conditions during festivals and holidays. Since the information can be curated for specific parts of the City, a resident in Pungo won’t be getting VBAlerts about a road closure in the Bayside neighborhood. It costs nothing to register, and anyone who lives or travels through Virginia Beach is encouraged to sign up. It only takes a few moments and can be done online at

The VB311 websiteis already a wealth of information and has links to resources of frequently asked questions, along with all the ways to reach a 311 representative. For those who prefer to chat over the Internet, simply send an email to Or, click on the “Instantly Chat with VB311” on the previously mentioned website to start an online text conversation with a 311 representative.

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