CORRECTING THE RECORD: These can't be photos taken in Virginia Beach, can they?

​FACT: They can. Several folks questioned the provenance or authenticity of photos that the City Photographer has taken and have been posted to the City's Facebook page, but they are, in fact, real and they are, in fact, scenes from around the City.

​​​​purple weeds in a field with a single tree​​​​​​​​​​​Several people have reacted with skepticism after seeing these two photos on our Facebook page, leaving comments like:

"HA HA HA You won't find that around here. All you see is concrete, don't be fooled."


"That is not a picture of Sandbridge! You can't see the Virginia Beach Oceanfront hotels from there. What a fake a** picture!"

Both images were shot with a zoom or long focal length lens and ​​that causes the distance between two objects to appear to be closer together or compressed.

The photo of the field with the purple flowers was taken at 4345-4349 Blackwater Road (coordinates: 36°42'18.036" , N 76°6'23.465" W). In that shot, the compression helped hide the ground behind all the weeds that were blooming in a field, which has not been prepared for planting yet, creating the look of a continuous color.

Sandbridge beach​The beach shot was taken from the Little Island Fishing Pier looking North toward the resort area. Here's a map location (coordinates: 36°41'38.41" N 75°55'23.47" W). With the beach shot, the compression combined with very clear air (low humidity) and high wind generating the waves, made the shot stand out.

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