CORRECTING THE RECORD: You Can Park a Tiny Home Anywhere in Virginia Beach

FICTION: McMansion or tiny, a house can only be placed in an area zoned for a house.
​​modern style tiny houseA recent news story interviewed a builder about tiny homes and where they could be placed. His response: “Anywhere!” Although technically correct, it’s not legally correct.

Virginia Beach does not have a specific ordinance for “tiny houses,” the titular home of the social movement that’s less than 500 square feet. However, if a tiny house, or any house for that matter, meets the requirements of the state building code, it will be treated like any other residential space.

A tiny house could be legally placed in any district that’s zoned for a single-family residence. Some areas in Virginia Beach allow for multiple single family homes to be built on one lot, like a duplex. However, even if a builder had the physical space for 50 homes on one lot, they can only place as many houses on the lot as the zoning rules allow.

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