ISSUE: Why Do Some Street Signs Have the City Seal on Them and Others Do Not?

FACT: The practice was discontinued in 2014 as a cost saving measure and because the Seal is difficult to see from the ground.

street sign at intersectionThere are thousands of street name signs throughout Virginia Beach, but some are different as they feature the City Seal beside the street name. You can see them at Princess Anne Drive and Concert Drive, Columbus Street and Independence Boulevard and some of the other 400 major intersections and cross streets with traffic signals.

Public Works maintains the signs in Virginia Beach on public roads and replaces them when they become worn or are knocked down. Even though Public Works hasn’t installed any new signs that include the Seal, the old ones will be around for a while since they have a lifespan of more than 10 years. The cost of removing the City Seal saves about $20 per sign since they’re shorter without it. However, by the time every major intersection is replaced, and there are usually four signs to an intersection, that’s a savings of about $32,000.​

The name signs are relatively cheap, about $150 for un-signalized, residential street signs, and about $250 for the larger version at signalized intersections, including all parts and labor. 

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