ISSUE: How Can Residents Report Problems That Need the City’s Attention?

FACT: There are two easy ways: Give us a call at 311 or go to​ and file a ticket.

in-ground lighting repairIf we could have a super power, it would be to see and hear everything in the city that needs to be fixed. We are mighty but unfortunately, we are mere mortals. So when you see a problem, like a pothole, traffic signal malfunction, missing or damaged sign, trash, graffiti or any other issues that might need our attention, let us know so it can be addressed. It’s possible we saw it but it’s possible we didn’t. Either way, you’re doing a good thing. 

The quickest and easiest way to report a problem is to call 311 from any landline or cell phone in Virginia Beach. One of our citizen services call takers will collect the information from you and get it to the correct department, saving you the trouble. Nice, huh? 

If you prefer to make a report online, we’ve got you covered there, too. Go to to submit a ticket. You can pinpoint the exact location of the problem you’re reporting and provide any additional details, like a landmark or description. You can even upload a photograph if you have one. You can even see the status of service requests in a given area by zooming in on the map and moving it around.

When you’re not sure if it’s a City issue, contact us anyway, we’ll be glad to help. For example, most streetlights are the responsibility of Dominion Energy, not the City, but we can make the report for you. 

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