ISSUE: The In’s and Out’s of Mowing City Property

FACT: Mowing of City roadways throughout Virginia Beach occurs in cycles: a 30-day cycle for the rural roads, like Pungo Ferry Road, which covers the road shoulders, and an 18-day cycle for the urban areas, such as Virginia Beach Boulevard, for the medians.

LINE TRIMMINGAbout 40 employees along with several contractors are responsible for mowing 179 miles of rural roadways and 164 miles of urban medians across 300 square miles of city. This totals about 3900 linear miles mowed each year—about the same distance as from Virginia Beach to Seattle – after a stop in Los Angeles. 

In addition to mowing, the 250 total members of Landscape Management are responsible for a number of duties that keep Virginia Beach beautiful. Things like litter control, tennis and basketball court maintenance, hazardous tree removal, athletic field preparation and maintenance, installation and maintenance of benches and picnic tables and more.

In total, Landscape Management is responsible for maintaining the look and beauty of 575 city sites, including pump stations and municipal buildings, 90 Schools facilities, 7,500 acres of parks and 1,700 individual locations and land parcels throughout Virginia Beach in addition to their previously mentioned mowing duties.

Landscape Management makes every effort to keep its schedule, however weather plays a significant role. There’s some wiggle room built into the schedule, but several days of rain can put the teams off cycle. If they can’t mow, teams will do other landscape management and maintenance work as weather permits. Crews, like homeowners, can’t cut the grass when it’s raining (unless it’s really light). 

So what happens if the grass on your property gets to be more than ten inches high (after a long period of rain or other reasons)? While it is a violation of City Code to allow grass to exceed ten inches, it doesn’t mean Code Enforcement inspectors will immediately cite you. Inspectors use their discretion after a weather event to determine if a notice of violation is warranted. 

Property owners who do get a notice of violation about their grass have seven days to correct the situation. If more time is needed, give the Code Inspector a call at the number listed on the warning notice, or at the main office at 385-4421 to discuss the situation. 

For more information about the Landscape Management ​division of Parks and Recreation and the parks in Virginia Beach, please visit​. And if you’d like to learn more about Code Enforcement, and the Department of Housing and Neighborhood Preservation, visit

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