RUMOR: Is It True the City Has Something That Went to The Moon?

FACT: Indeed, we do! Alan Shepard, a former Virginia Beach resident and commander of the Apollo 14 mission, gave the City a mission patch and flag that flew to the moon.
Shepard wasn’t a native of Virginia Beach, but he did call our city home for a number of years and spoke fondly of his time here. In fact, he was a bit of a local celebrity; a local landmark bore his name after he became the first American in space in 1961. The City renamed the Dome at 19th and Pacific streets as the Alan B. Shepard Civic Center in honor of his achievement.

As a gift to his adopted hometown, he shared a few mementos from the Apollo 14 mission that took place from January 31 to February 9, 1971. That same year, he donated an Apollo 14 mission patch, a small Virginia flag and a photo he took from the lunar surface to our city. His hand scribed note reads:

Presented to the Mayor for the citizens of Virginia Beach, where I spent many happy years. With my warmest and sincere regards, Alan Shepard.

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