QUESTION: How Does Waste Management Staff Determine Holiday Collection Schedules?

FACT: Waste Management has people who plan routes and schedules to make sure every household receives service for household trash, recycling and yard waste collections. When holidays interrupt the schedule, staff adjusts to impact as few households as possible with collection date changes.

trash truckFortunately, a number of City-observed holidays fall on a Monday. Since trash is collected Tuesday through Friday, there won’t be any impact to customers on Memorial Day or Labor Day, for example. 

When holidays fall on other days of a week, however, the schedule will inevitably change.  In 2018, Christmas landed on a Tuesday, the first day of the collection cycle. Now, to some, the obvious solution would be to slide every collection date down a day – Tuesdays to Wednesday, Wednesdays to Thursday and so on, and add a Saturday. But, this impacts all 120,000 customers throughout our City. 

In this situation, it was less of an impact to move Tuesday’s collection to Monday and only affect 30,000 customers. This also allows the remainder of the customers to keep their regular collection date for the rest of the week.

Keep in mind that moving one collection date to Monday or Saturday works well for holidays since they’re planned in advance. Weather-related changes are handled on a case-by-case basis. 

Waste Management will update their website and Facebook page​ during weather events, as well as keeping a holiday collection schedule for each calendar year. For more information about trash and recycling, please visit​.

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