ISSUE: Who Is Responsible for Keeping Curbs and Gutters Free of Trash and Debris?

FACT: The City and residents share responsibilities for keeping curbs and gutters clear of obstructions. A City contractor sweeps the streets six times a year, and residents are responsible for everything up to the road pavement

messy gutter with yard debrisOn the City’s end, Public Works has contracted with an outside company, DeAngelo Brothers, to provide street sweeping services on public roads throughout Virginia Beach. Every day, they’re out between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. 

However, we have about 3,000 miles of roads in our city – about the same distance from Virginia Beach to San Francisco! Even with multiple vehicles working the streets every day, it takes about two months to reach all of the roads in the program, and then the process starts all over again.

The responsibilities residents have are laid out in the City’s Code of Ordinances:  residents are responsible for keeping the sidewalks, curbs and any right-of-way in front of their property, up to the edge of the pavement, free and clear of debris and litter. It’s all part of keeping our neighborhoods safe and attractive.

Keeping the curbs and gutters clear and free-flowing helps ensures trash and yard waste doesn’t find its way into our storm drains so they can better handle stormwater runoff.

Make sure bagged yard waste and trash cans you set out for collection doesn’t block the water flow – always leave a few inches of space so stormwater can freely flow along the gutters. For more information about waste collection guidelines, please visit If you’d like to know more about stormwater infrastructure and projects, go to

For more information about the street sweeping program, including the schedule and how to sign up for notifications, please visit the contractor’s website​.

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