QUESTION: Does the City Have a Limit On the Number of Cars That Can Be Parked On a Residential Property?

FACT: No, the City does not have an ordinance limiting the number of vehicles that can be parked on a residential property.

pile of car keysHowever, the City does have some ordinances related to the condition and storage of personal and recreational vehicles in the public view, on private property. For example, there is an ordinance that applies to inoperable vehicles and another for the parking of recreational equipment and vehicles​ on residential, commercial or agricultural property.

In the case of the inoperable vehicle ordinance, it states that vehicles stored on private property, in public view, must be in working condition and have either a valid license plate or current inspection sticker displayed. When someone reports an inoperable vehicle, code enforcement staff investigate and, if they verify the vehicle is not compliant with City Code, the property owner will receive a notice of violation and have seven days to correct the infraction. 

Covering the vehicle with a tarp isn’t sufficient to correct the infraction, because tarps don’t make a vehicle disappear – it’s just a vehicle covered with a tarp. Extensions may be granted on a case-by-case basis; requests must be submitted in writing. The contact information for the code inspector who issued the notice is listed on the back of the document.

If the violation is corrected within the allotted time and passes re-inspection, the matter is considered closed. However, if the issue is not corrected, the vehicle will be towed and stored at the owner’s expense. Unclaimed vehicles are auctioned off to cover the costs. A lien may be placed against the property from which the vehicle was removed if the full costs aren’t recouped by the sale of the vehicle.

For more information about the code enforcement process, please visit, or watch our previous episode​ on the topic. If you would like to anonymously report a potential code violation, please contact the Code Enforcement division at 385-4421. 

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