QUESTION: Why Aren’t Bulky Items Picked up with the Regular Trash?

ANSWER: Bulky items are just that, “bulky” and simply won’t fit into a regular trash truck. Instead, Waste Management uses a separate truck with a boom arm to collect large items.
old sofa at the curbIf you have something like an old couch or other large piece of furniture, it’s just not going to fit into your trash cart and even if it could, the weight of that item would cause damage to the automated arm on the trash truck.

However, Waste Management does operate a bulky item pickup service. These trucks utilize a boom arm to collect heavy items, such as that couch, from your curb. Bulky item collection is part of the residential waste collection fees and is an on-call service with collections being provided on your normal trash day.

An important thing to keep in mind is the boom truck needs room to operate. Make sure there’s at least three feet of clear space around your item so the arm won’t damage anything nearby such as landscaping, parked vehicles, or any utility boxes. And don’t forget, they need room above their workspace, too! If there’s an overhead power line or tree limb, place your bulky item out from under these hazards to ensure they are collected. ​

To schedule a bulk pickup collection, you can do so online at​, or give one of their customer service representatives a call at 385-4650.

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