QUESTION: Why Does the Water Meter Reading Schedule Vary Sometimes, Which Results in an Inconsistent City Services Billing Cycle?

FA​​CT: Inclement weather, holidays and other unforeseen circumstances can contribute to inconsistent billing cycles.
Recently, the billing cycles has been around 37 days, rather than the goal of 28-32 days. Public Utilities is aware of the delay and has been coordinating with the contractor so customers can return to a more consistent billing period.

Public Utilities works with an outside party, Alexander’s Contract Services, to manually read about 136,000 customer meters across Virginia Beach every month. The City Services bill can’t be generated until the meter is read, which means delays in the reading translate into delays in receiving a bill.

Some measures taken include hiring additional meter readers and having readers work additional days. Customers should see bills closer to the 28-32 goal in the coming months as these measures take effect.

For more information about Virginia Beach Public Utilities and billing cycles, please visit​. If you have a question about a bill, you can submit an inquiry online through their website, or give them a call at 385-4631.

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