Update on Flood Mitigation Projects for Windsor Woods, Princess Anne Plaza and The Lakes

​Hurricane Matthew brought major flooding to more than 800 homes. Here’s what the City is doing about it. 

Tide GateIn the four years since Hurricane Matthew’s historic, catastrophic flooding, Virginia Beach has done a lot to combat the effects of sea level rise and recurrent flooding. Virginia Beach has increased funding to mitigate the effects of flooding and sea level rise by 191%, making it the largest section of the Capital Improvement Program.  In fact, due to the City's efforts to go beyond basic requirements to mitigate flooding, the City was able to join the FEMA/National Flood Insurance Program's Community Rating System, which allows residents and businesses to save 15% on flood insurance premiums. 

Windsor Woods, Princess Anne Plaza and The Lakes were particularly impacted by flooding during Hurricane Matthew and were a top priority for new projects. Engineers found that there were a number of factors that contributed to the flooding:
  1. Low elevations 
  2. An aging infrastructure that included undersized storm drainpipes and lack of stormwater storage
  3. Heavy tidal influence which created substantial reduction of stormwater storage in existing lakes and canals 
  4. An increase in intense storm events causing more frequent flooding and increased property damage

Following the engineering analysis of the storm damage and the improvements needed to limit future destruction, the City planned several major infrastructure improvement projects designed to provide substantial flood mitigation for these neighborhoods. These include:
  1. Adding Tide gates, which can restrict water flow as needed, to minimize tidal impacts and flooding
  2. Building stormwater pump stations and additional stormwater storage areas to manage water levels and increase storage capacity
  3. Installing storm drainpipes to move water within the system and reduce street flooding 
Here is an update on projects currently underway.

Club House Road Storm Drain Project

To help with flood relief along Rosemont Road, this project constructs new storm drains along Club House Road from the intersection of Rosemont to the northwest corner of the Bow Creek Golf Course. The engineering design is complete, and construction is slated to begin later this year. The advertisement for construction bids was announced in the Beacon this month (September 2020).

The Windsor Woods Tide Gate 

This tide gate is under design with plans for construction to begin mid-2021. The environmental permitting was recently completed. The gate will be located across Thalia Creek just west of Lake Windsor at Mount Trashmore Park and will create the critical stormwater storage needed in Lake Windsor. 

The Bow Creek Stormwater Park Project 

map of bow creek projectThis project (click image to enlarge) involves converting Bow Creek golf course into a stormwater park. This project will provide very much needed stormwater storage to help with flood mitigation, while also providing recreational activities for residents.  
  • An online survey about this project conducted last winter yielded comments and suggestions from more than 700 citizens.
  • Preliminary design work is currently underway for the overall concept plan and proposed landscape buffer planting plan, which also includes providing progress updates to adjacent landowners.  
  • The current plan calls for the buffer plantings to be installed first so that they will be established and growing before the excavation efforts begin late 2022/early 2023. The buffer planting is scheduled to start next month (October 2020)

The South Plaza Trail and Presidential Boulevard Storm Drain Project

This project involves the construction of new storm drains along South Plaza Trail from Rosemont Road to Presidential Boulevard and along Presidential to the Windsor Woods Canal. Engineering design is underway, and construction is slated to begin next summer. 

Old Forge Road & Red Lion Road Storm Drain Project 

This project involves constructing new storm drains along Old Forge Court, Old Forge Road to Red Lion Road, and along Red Lion Road to the Windsor Woods Canal. Engineering design is underway, and construction is expected to begin in the summer of 2022.

In addition to these neighborhood projects, funding is also been allocated for maintenance of the City's storm water pipe infrastructure and for water quality projects created to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations.

For additional information, maps, and brochures on the Overall Drainage Improvements or individual projects, visit VBgov.com/windsor-woods.  

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