Flood Protection Program Funding Being Put to a Vote

Residents will vote on referendum during November General Election.

cars driving through high waterAs sea levels rise and severe weather events become more frequent and increasingly intense, more homes and businesses will be at risk of flooding and travel throughout the city will be impeded.  

While the City has had success with a number of projects implemented to help reduce the effects of recurrent flooding and stormwater is the largest expenditure in the City’s Capital Improvement Program, City Council is proposing to accelerate and expand flood mitigation measures throughout the city. Phase 1 of a comprehensive Flood Protection Program consists of 21 projects that will be built over 10 years, although about half of them will be completed within the next 6 to 7 years, much sooner than the current schedule. 

During the next General Election on Nov. 2, 2021, residents will have the opportunity to vote on the Flood Protection Program bond referendum to determine whether City Council should increase the real estate tax rate to fund the design and construction of these flood protection projects. If the referendum is approved and depending on the term of the bonds issued (10-year repayment vs. 20-year repayment), the real estate tax increase needed would be between 4.3 and 6.4 cents per $100 of a home’s valuation. Based on the median home assessment value of $267,600, here’s what that might look like:

​If the real estate tax rate is:

​The annual cost would be:  

​The monthly cost would be: 

​4.3 cents more
​5.3 cents more
​6.4 cents more
​Not increased
​No additional cost
​ No additional cost

Here is the referendum question City Council approved for the Nov. 2, 2021 General Election ballot:

Shall the City of Virginia Beach issue general obligation bonds in the maximum amount of $567,500,000 pursuant to the City Charter and the Public Finance Act to fund the design and construction of flood mitigation measures as part of a comprehensive citywide flood protection program that includes the following Phase 1 projects: Chubb Lake/Lake Bradford Outfall, Church Point/Thoroughgood Drainage Improvements, Central Resort District - 24th Street Culvert, Central Resort District Drainage Improvements, Eastern Shore Drive - Elevate Lynnhaven Drive, Eastern Shore Drive - Phase I, Section 1F Improvements, Eastern Shore Drive - Phase I, Section 1G Improvements, Eastern Shore Drive - Poinciana Pump Station, First Colonial Road & Oceana Boulevard Drainage Improvements, Princess Anne Plaza Golf Course Conversion, Princess Anne Plaza North London Bridge Creek Tide Gate, Barriers, and Pump Station,  Pungo Ferry Road Improvements, Sandbridge/New Bridge Intersection Improvements, Seatack Neighborhood Drainage Improvements, Stormwater Green Infrastructure, The Lakes - Flood Barriers, The Lakes - Holland Road Gate, West Neck Creek Bridge Replacement, Windsor Woods - Thalia Creek/Lake Trashmore Improvements, Windsor Woods Flood Barriers, and Windsor Woods Pump Station? 

These projects are intended to meet a standard that limits peak flood water to 3 inches or less above the crown of the road for the 10-year storm event, and to prevent the flooding of structures for the 100-year storm event. 

The City will provide information about the Flood Protection Program on the dedicated webpage as well as through social media platforms, in-person and virtual community forums, and other outreach initiatives to help residents make their decisions about the bond referendum. 

Information about the Flood Protection Program, including details on the projects, a project timeline and FAQs can be found at VBgov.com/RippleEffect.  
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