Enterprise Technology Plan

Our Enterprise Technology Plan (ETP) is the continuation of the strategic planning process that has realized many transformational successes from our first Master Technology Plan. Our focus remains continuity of quality service delivery and business solutions that are valued by our customers.

This ETP is developed in collaboration with City leaders, City agencies and City staff. The plan is designed to be agile and adaptable to the evolving priorities of our City. The City of Virginia Beach's Vision, Mission and City Council's five strategies are continuously studied to ensure alignment with the identified technology plan objectives and initiatives so that relevant results are achieved.  

A variety of tools and methodologies continue to be leveraged to measure key service areas within our organization. Gartner's ITScore Methodology was used to assess and evaluate service areas across IT and our organization including vendor management, data management, applications management and infrastructure/operations just to name a few. This methodology not only provided perspective into the current state of IT capabilities; it provided a forward-looking perspective establishing a target state. Members across the organization participated in this process providing invaluable insight throughout the strategic planning process.

Workshops were organized with representatives from every City department designed to capture current and future business requirements that were translated into business imperatives to ensure future success. City business leaders with internal and external customer-facing responsibilities participated in defining and recommending transformational change for which we all will be responsible. All City departments recognized that they are an essential piece to the success of the ETP and as such have committed to partnering with IT for the implementation of the plan.

As a result of this comprehensive approach to strategic planning and analysis, four enterprise technology objectives were validated and will be foundational to our future success including Service Delivery, Business Solutions, Governance and Infrastructure and Operations.

With our enterprise technology objectives clearly identified, nineteen strategic initiatives have been defined and aligned to the City's business imperatives that support the City Council's strategies and goals for the City of Virginia Beach. We will use the City's governance and budgeting process to create an annual roadmap leveraging the compelling direction established in the ETP.  The ETP provides a fascinating blueprint for impactful transformation and growth of City-wide capabilities and services that will be valued by our citizens, visitors, businesses and regional partners. 

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