Travel and Lodging Information

​​​​If you have been subpoenaed by the Commonwealth Attorney's Office and are a witness traveling more than 50 miles one way, you are entitled to the following reimbursement:
  • Travel by car: $0.59 per mile and tolls
  • Travel by air: Is arranged through our office so that it can be prepaid for you. Please contact Margaret Brewer at (757)385-8301.
  • Travel by train or bus: Reimbursed in full
  • Lodging: Arranged by our office, not billed to you. No additional charges are allowed to be added to the hotel bill. YOU ARE REQUIRED TO CHECK OUT OF THE HOTEL IN THE MORNING BEFORE YOU COME TO COURT TO AVOID ANY ADDITIONAL CHARGES FOR WHICH YOU WOULD BE RESPONSIBLE.
  • Meals: The maximum allocation per subpoenaed person is: $8 for breakfast, $12 for lunch, and $24 for dinner.
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Long-distance telephone calls
If flight arrangements are made for you, your ticket will be available at the ticket counter one (1) hour prior to your flight. When you arrive in Norfolk, taxi transportation will be made for you. You will not be billed for this as the reservations will be in your name, but the Victim-Witness Program must make the reservations for you.
To receive reimbursement for eligible expenses, you are required to provide:
  • Your subpoena
  • All receipts for meals, taxi, tolls, or any other means of transportation
Please call the Victim Witness Program, collect, at (757) 385-8301 if you need airline or lodging arrangements to be made. ALL TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS MUST BE APPROVED BY THE PROSECUTING ATTORNEY. Since many cases are continued by the defense, please call our office a day or two prior to the court date to verify that the case will be going forward. Additionally, if you have not heard from us to arrange travel within two weeks prior to the court date, please call Debra Wright at (757) 385-8301. If you do not call to verify the status of the case and travel to Virginia Beach when the case has been continued or the defendant has pled guilty, there is a possibility you may not be reimbursed for eligible expenses.
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