Motion to Continue
A formal request by either side to postpone the court date. The Victim-Witness Office provides a current list of court continuances on the hotline. You may call the hotline at 385-4401 option #2 after 5 p.m. the day before your court date and hear this listing.
Motion to Bond
The defendant may request a bond hearing in which the judge reviews his current bond status and determines whether or not to reduce it. Upon request, the victim has the right to be notified of such proceedings and may address the court. The victim may inform the court of any reason why the defendant should not receive a reduction, .i.e. future threat to you or others; unemployed; unstable living conditions; or not living in this area. The defendant may appeal the Bond if not satisfied.
Motion to Withdraw
A formal request by the defense attorney to be removed as the attorney for the defendant.
Transfer Hearing
A formal proceeding to determine if a juvenile defendant is to be tried as an adult in Circuit Court. Depending on the defendant's age, certain crimes automatically transfer to Circuit Court; use of a firearm, rape and murder.
Motion to Nolle Prosse
A formal request by the prosecution to discontinue proceedings. The charges are not dismissed, the prosecution reserves the right to reinstate the charges at a later date.  (There is no Statute of Limitations for felonies in Virginia.)
Waiver of Preliminary Hearing
The defendant waives his right to a Preliminary Hearing and the case is sent directly to the Grand Jury.
The court dismisses or drops the charges against the defendant.
Miscellaneous Motion
A formal request by prosecution or defense for special consideration of additional information or evidence.
A request by the Prosecutor or Probation/Parole Officer or victim for the defendant to serve the full time of his original conviction. The judge may re-suspend the whole sentence, re-suspend part of the sentence and order the defendant to serve part of the sentence or order the defendant to serve all of the remaining sentence.
A court order to apprehend a person for not appearing to court when they were subpoenaed to do so.
Show Cause
A hearing where anyone who violates a court order, including victims, witness and defendants, must explain their actions to the court. Punishment is at the discretion of the court.​
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