​​Description: Felony with juvenile defendants tried as juveniles

Determination of Counsel
The defendant informs the court if he is hiring an attorney or is financially unable to and requests to be assigned a public defender. The victim is not present.
Determination of Hearing
The court, prosecutor, and defense attorney agree to a date for the Preliminary Hearing. No witnesses appear.
Preliminary Hearing
A scheduled court event with testimony under oath. The judge, defendant, defendant's attorney, the prosecutor, and any victims or witnesses subpoenaed are present. The prosecutor must present evidence to the judge to prove that a crime has been committed (known as probable cause). The prosecutor will put on minimal evidence so as not to provide the defense with too much of the prosecution's case. If the prosecution proves probable cause, the case is certified to the Grand Jury. The victim's testimony is usually required.
A court hearing by a judge in which the guilt or innocence of the defendant is determined. The victim's testimony is usually required.
A procedure that is similar to a Pre-Sentence Report in Circuit Court but conducted in a less formal manner.
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