Confidentiality for Victims & Witnesses

​​​​​​​The Victim's Right to Confidentiality

Victims are advised that, in order to protect their right to receive notice of the release of any defendant in their case and offer input prior thereto, all agencies and persons having such duties must have current victim addresses and telephone numbers provided by any victim desiring such notice. (Crime Victims and Witnesses Rights at A.3.d.)

Victims and witnesses are advised that their addresses and telephone numbers may not be disclosed, pursuant to the provisions Subsection 19.2-11.2 and 19.2-269.2, except when necessary for the conduct of the criminal proceeding. (Crime Victims and Witnesses Rights at A.5.a)

The Victim-Witness Program of Virginia Beach can provide a "Request for Confidentiality by Crime Victim" form. If you want this form sent to you, please contact the Victim-Witness Program at (757) 385-8301.

Upon receipt of a completed form, the appropriate court, Sheriff's Department (Jail) and the law enforcement agency handling the case are forwarded copies of the request so that each can mark the case files as appropriate. The original is filed in the Commonwealth Attorney's file and the file is appropriately marked.

The Victim's Right to Notice of Release of a Prisoner

The victim has the right to be notified of the offender's transfer from one prison to another within the Virginia Department of Corrections, escape from prison and recapture, release, including work release or discharge from prison, and name change of the offender, whether before or after disposition of the case.

To be notified, the victim needs to complete a "Victim Notification Form." The victim must provide a current telephone number and address for the notification process to be initiated.

The Victim-Witness Program will mark our files and forward the information to the appropriate parties.

The Victim-Witness Program also provides, upon final disposition of the case, the Virginia Department of Corrections' "Victim Notification Form" for defendants who will be incarcerated at a state prison.

Both forms described above are available at the office of the Victim-Witness Program. Signatures are required on both forms and completed forms must be either mailed or hand-delivered to the Victim-Witness Program office for processing.
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