​We have four community prosecution teams, one team aligned with each of the four police precincts within the city. The members of the community prosecution teams take an active role in the community and work closely with their respective police precincts. The team members make presentations to various civic leagues, speak at local high schools on the issue of guns and violence in schools, and attend other civic gatherings. Each community prosecution team is comprised of a Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney, three to seven Assistant Commonwealth's Attorneys, and three to five paralegals. Community prosecution teams prosecute all felonies (with the exception of felony traffic cases and ​cases falling under the jurisdiction of the Juvenile Court) that are committed in the areas of the city covered by their precinct of the Police Department. All teams also handle thousands of misdemeanor appeals per year.​​​​


​The juvenile prosecution team is comprised of a Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney, five Assistant Commonwealth's Attorneys and three Paralegals. The team is responsible for prosecuting all felonies, and accompanying misdemeanors, committed by or against juveniles. These crimes range from drug offenses to sexual molestations to property crimes to capital murder. This team also prosecutes over 2,000 domestic violence cases per year. This team appears in Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court and in Circuit Court. This team is focused on the juvenile offender and the juvenile victim. Emphasis is placed on development of expertise in the field of juvenile justice.​​


The DUI Prosecution Team prosecutes felony traffic and all DUI cases. Having a team devoted to these types of crimes allows prosecutors to become much more skilled in combating the very serious crime of driving while under the influence.

 Prosecution Support

​​​​​The prosecution support team is comprised of a Supervisor, f​our Legal Docket Clerks, five Clerks, one Legal Support Associate and three Office Assistants. This team greets the public, handles incoming phone calls, and distributes the mail. They create all files, ensuring that criminal records and police reports are available. They research prior criminal records and request certified copies of previous convictions. The team coordinates Grand Jury, monthly Docket Call and is responsible for the docket management for Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, General District Court, and Circuit Court. The team also maintains archives of all closed files and records.​

 Mgmt Leadership & Support

​​​​​This team is comprised of the Commonwealth's Attorney, the Chief Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney of Administration, the Chief Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney of Operations, the Executive Legal Assistant to the Commonwealth's Attorney, the Paralegal for both Chief Deputy Commonwealth's Attorneys, the Administrative Support Group, the Public Information Officer, the Technology Manager and the Business Application Specialist. The team provides administration and management support for the entire organization.​

 Criminal Investigation

​​​​​The criminal investigation team is comprised of four Legal Investigators. They provide investigative support to all of the prosecution teams. Services provided include location of missing witnesses and witness interviews. Investigators do follow-up investigations to police cases as well as a limited number of original investigations. ​​
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