Commonwealth's Attorney

Welcome to the web site for the Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney for the City of Virginia Beach, Virginia. This web site reports on the operations of the office responsible for prosecuting those charged with violating the criminal laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia in Virginia Beach.
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​A message from Colin Stolle, Commonwealth's Attorney for the City of Virginia Beach:
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The City of Virginia Beach is not the “Safest City of our size in America” by accident.  This happens due to an excellent working partnership between the Citizens of Virginia Beach, Law Enforcement, and the Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney.
Some of the most dedicated and highly trained professionals make up the Virginia Beach Police Department, the Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office and the Virginia State Police.  However, it makes no difference how many crimes they solve or criminals they catch if there is not a well-run and effective Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney to go to court and fight for victims.​

The Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office employs the following policies to ensure Virginia Beach remains one of the safest cities of its size: 

  • No Deals for those who deal dangerous drugs: No one charged with dealing dangerous drugs in our community will receive a plea agreement when brought to court. In addition to no deals, the Commonwealth's Attorney will request a jury trial for all defendants who deal dangerous drugs. They can stand before the citizens of our community to explain their actions.
  • Domestic Violence: While the Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney is not required, nor funded, to provide a prosecutor for misdemeanor domestic violence cases, this issue is such a serious problem that we cannot possibly leave victims to go to court alone. The Commonwealth's Attorney's Office will ensure there is a prosecutor and a Victim-Witness caseworker present in court to handle these cases.
  • Use a Gun, Go to Jail: A policy that requires jail time for any offender that used a gun to commit their crime.
  • Prosecute all DUI cases: Roughly 10% of all DUIs that occur in Virginia happen in Virginia Beach. That unfortunate statistic cannot be ignored or go unaddressed. As the General Assembly has moved to enact tougher DUI laws, the resulting court process has become much more complicated. We are now prosecuting every DUI case to combat this very serious crime of driving while under the influence. 
  • Educational Outreach: It is important to educate students at all levels in order to prevent juvenile crime.
  • Consumer Fraud Education: The Commonwealth's Attorney's Office works with senior citizen groups in order to better inform and advise our elderly citizens of potential scams and frauds that they may encounter.

Please feel free to contact my office by calling (757) 385-4401.​