Your property, such as a vehicle, boat or trailer, is taxable in the locality where it is normally garaged, docked or parked. Vehicles with a weight of 10,000 pounds or less registered in VA but normally garaged, docked or parked in another state shall be taxed in the VA locality where the vehicle is registered.  Please refer to Code of Virginia §58.1-3511. If it cannot be determined where your vehicle is normally garaged, stored or parked, the situs (the location of property for assessment and taxation purposes) shall be the domicile of the owner.
The proration of personal property taxes is provided for by the Code of Virginia §58.1-3516 and Virginia Beach City Ordinance 35-6.1. If you have moved, the Commonwealth of Virginia requires that you directly inform the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.
If you have moved out of state, you should register your vehicle in the new state and forward a copy of the new state registration to the Commissioner of the Revenue. As long as your vehicle is registered in VA, you are liable for the personal property taxes.
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