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​​I received a notice of audit. Do I have to appear in person?

No. You may mail or fax the required information prior to the appointment date. Upon receipt of this information, we will cancel your appointment, or if necessary, request additional information. Please see the "All About Audits" page for more information.​

 Business License

​When does my license expire?

The business license expires on December 31 of each year but you have until March 1 to renew your license without penalty or interest.

What if I close my business without notifying the Commissioner's office? Will the Commissioner's office know I am closed if I simply do not renew my business license?

You will be considered delinquent and statutory assessments will be assessed to your account if you close your business without sending the proper notification. Closing businesses should notify the business license office in writing, including the date of closure and contact information in case questions arise. An "Out-of-Business" form is also located on the Document and Forms webpage for your convenience. 

Where do I pay for my business license?

Payments may be made in the license portal at, or send check a check by mail to the Commissioner's Office, City Hall, Building 1, 2401 Courthouse Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23456. You may also visit the office to pay in person by cash, credit card, debit card, or check.

Do nonprofit businesses need a business license?

All businesses including nonprofits must register with the Commissioner of the Revenue’s office. Some nonprofits are not required to obtain a business license but may be subject to other city taxes.​

What is the Business License Incentive Program?

The City Council voted to enact an incentive program for new businesses starting after December 31, 2011. The Business License Incentive Program applies to qualified new businesses with anticipated gross receipts in excess of $100,000.00. Businesses qualifying under the code requirements receive a reduction of the business license tax owed for the first two license years. For additional information please read the code and complete the Business License Incentive Program Form. ​

 Business Property

​I work from home. What property do I need to report?

All property owned, loaned, or made available for an individual to conduct business is reportable and taxable. Examples of business property include cell phones, desks, chairs, computers, servers, and printers.

If I close my business on March 1, do I still have to pay business property tax for the full year?

Yes. Business property tax is based on the property used to operate a business on January 1 of that year. Business property tax is not prorated.

What is the Machinery & Tools Rate Change for Business Property?

The tax rate for machinery and tools and "for-hire" motor carriers property is one-millionth of one cent ($.000001) on each one hundred dollars ($100) of assessed valuation.

 The following personal property shall also be taxed at the machinery and tools rate:

  • ​All tangible personal property used in research and development businesses, as described in Code of Virginia Section 58.1-3506(A)(7)
  • Generating or cogenerating equipment, as described in Code of Virginia Section 58.1-3506(A)(9)
  • All motor vehicles, trailers, and semitrailers with a gross vehicle weight of 10,000 pounds or more used to transport property for hire by a motor carrier engaged in interstate commerce, as described in Code of Virginia Section 58.1-3506(A)(25).

Machinery and tools used directly in the harvesting of forest products or semiconductor manufacturing, not exempt from taxation.​

Please remember, this is a rate reduction not an exemption from taxation.  You are still required to file your machinery and tools property annually on the forms prescribed by our office.


​How do I contact the DMV?

The DMV has one customer service contact number for Virginia which is handled in Richmond, Virginia. The number is 1-804-497-7100. Due to budget constraints, DMV no longer has a toll-free number.​

What Hours is DMV Select open? 

Monday - Friday , 8:30 am - 4:30 pm​

Can I renew my Virginia Driver's license at the DMV Select?

No, we can only assist with vehicle-related issues. For driver's licenses and ID cards, you must visit a full-service DMV location.

Can I renew my registration even if I don't have the renewal notice mailed to me from DMV? 

Absolutely, you simply need to fill out the DMV form VSA-14.

Can you replace my license plates?

Yes, you simply need to give us your VA driver's license number and complete DMV form VSA-14.

I have purchased a vehicle. I need to title the vehicle and purchase license plates. Can you help me?

Yes. Click here for details on what is needed - DMV: Titling a Vehicle in Virginia.

Can you transfer my license plates from my old vehicle that I sold, to my new vehicle?

Yes, we can title the new vehicle and transfer your old license plates to the new vehicle as long as the plates are active. We can also update DMV's system with the sold information on the old vehicle and we can prorate your personal property tax bill on the old vehicle. Click here for details on what is needed - DMV: Titling a Vehicle in Virginia.

My spouse is deceased. We owned a vehicle together with the rights of survivorship. Can you remove the name from the title?

Yes, you will need to complete DMV form VSA-66 and furnish a death certificate. We can help you complete that form and issue a replacement title.

Can I surrender my plates at your location?

Yes, you can surrender the plates to us. If there are more than six months remaining in the registration period, we will process your refund. You should receive a check from DMV headquarters in about 30 days.

I have just moved to Virginia. I need to title and register my vehicle in this state, can you help me?

Yes. Click here for details - DMV: New to Virginia. Although we can't assist you with your driver's license, you may click here to view acceptable proof documents necessary when applying for a license or photo identification card.

Can I purchase a personalized plate from you?

Yes. We can check to see if the plate is available and place your order. You will need to complete DMV Form VSA-10. Personalized plates are usually mailed to you in 4-6 weeks.

Can I purchase a plate with a special image from you, such as the Virginia Beach plate?

We do have a limited stock of special image plates. However, we can order any special image plate that is available from DMV. Click here for the plate images that are available - DMV: View Specialized License Plates.

I paid off my vehicle and my bank has sent me my title. It indicates that the lien is satisfied. Do I need to notify DMV? Can you help me?

Yes, we can check DMV records and update if needed to indicate that you no longer have a lien on your vehicle. You will need to complete DMV Form VSA-66.


If I have knowledge of a business operating without a license or a vehicle displaying an out-of-state license plate and I know the owner lives in Virginia Beach, how can I report it?

If you have a concern for the correct tax status of an individual’s property or business within the City of Virginia Beach, you may use the "Concerned Citizen Report" to report possible violations of the tax laws.

 Local Vehicle Registration

​Virginia Beach residents used to receive a reduced parking rate at the oceanfront when a city sticker was displayed on the windshield. Now that there is no longer a sticker, how do I receive the discount?

All Virginia Beach residents can park at any municipal lot or garage for $2 after 5 p.m. by presenting a valid Virginia driver’s license with a Virginia Beach address.

​Virginia Beach residents used to be able to use the city's landfill without charge when a city sticker was displayed on the windshield. How does the landfill attendant know I am a resident? 

Virginia Beach residents must provide a valid Virginia driver's license with the resident's address where the waste was generated. Please visit Public Work's Landfill website for more information.​

I don't have a city sticker. Will I receive a ticket when traveling in other cities utilizing a city sticker?

No, you can not be stopped by law enforcement for not displaying a city sticker (see Virginia Court of Appeals - October 16, 1995 - Commonwealth vs. Jonathan Lamont Spencer). If you are stopped by law enforcement for another reason, the officer will be aware that you are a resident of Virginia Beach by seeing the address on your driver's license. He or she should know you are not required to have a city sticker.​

 ​ Trustee Tax

Do I need to file a trustee tax remittance form monthly even if my gross sales are zero?

Yes. You must file to avoid a statutory assessment on your account.

Are donuts, cookies, cupcakes, and other bakery items subject to food tax?

Yes, if they are sold in quantities less than three.​

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