Residential Parking Permits

​​​​​​​​​​​​​RPP Signage.JPGThe Residential Parking Permit (RPP) restricts general parking on most resort area residential streets between 30th Street and Rudee Loop, between 8pm – 6:00 a.m. daily. Holiday parking restrictions include 24 hours a day restricted parking for July 4th Weekend, from 8pm July 2nd through 6am July 6th, and Labor Day Weekend, 8pm Friday through 6am Tuesday. To legally park in RPP areas, vehicles must display a residential parking decal or pass.  RPP decals/permits are issued only to residents and businesses in the restricted zone and may only be obtained at the Beach City Treasurer’s Office. To view a map of the restricted area with the street listing, please see our Document Library on the right side of this page.

​​Annual Residential Decal Fee Requirements & Fees

  • Current vehicle registration*
  • Current Drivers license
  • If either of the above two items have an address that is not within a designated RPP Area additional proof is required: 
    • Rental agreement still in effect
    • Current Utility bill​ 
    • Payroll Check Stub
    • Other current documentation verifying current residency, subject to approval.

Payable online here​  or in person at our office located at 420 Birdneck Circle. If submitting online, scanned documents must be approved prior to payment processed. If you do not have online access, please contact us at for assistance.

*If you have a leased, dealer, or company owned vehicle that is not registered in your name or to your address, you may be required to use a guest pass.

Permits are non-transferable and may be revoked in the event it is determined the owner of the vehicle for which the permit was issued no longer resides in the RPP area.  The deactivated permit will be subject to a Parking Ticket of $70.00 if found parked in the RPP area.  

Friendly Reminders:

  • If you vehicle has an existing decal - DO NOT remove or discard!
  • Current decal and guest passes will reactivate upon application submission.
  • In the event a new decal is required - further instruction will be provided via email.

Residential Decal Fees per Residence – One (1) decal per vehicle – Max is four (4). State Registration for each vehicle is required.                  

  • 1st Decal – free
  • 2nd Decal – free
  • 3rd Decal - $5.00
  • 4th Decal - $5.00

Annual Guest Permit per Residence – Maximum is two (2) per Residence

  • 1st Permit – $2.00
  • 2nd Permit - $2.00
  • ​Replacement Permit - $2.00 – Owner must provide proof of loss, theft, or damage or sign a legal affidavit to that effect.​

Temporary Guest Permits per Qualified Residence - Free

​Contact us no more than a week in advance by email or phone and the passes will be mailed or available for pickup at the Beach City Treasurer's Office by the following week. Be prepared to provide the number of passes needed, the time period they are to cover, mailing address or date/time you would like to pick them up.  Note that the maximum is ten (10) per week and each pass lasts only 72 hours. If requesting mailing services, please request your passes at least a week in advance to ensure you receive the passes in time.  See our contact information to the right.

Monthly Business Parking Permit Fee Requirements & Fees

A current valid business license must be presented by the business owner or his designee to the City's Treasurer's Office.  Employees of pre-authorized businesses may purchase employee parking permit passes directly. Vehicle registration for permitted vehicle and proof of current (within 30 days) ​employment required prior to issuance of permit. Employee Permit may be transferred to another vehicle with proper notification to the City Treasurer.  ​

Business Permits are $10.00 per month - payable online h​ere​ or in person at our office located at 420 Birdneck Circle. For Employee Parking Requests please contact PSM at

Replacement Fee is $20.00 and shall be issued upon proof of loss, theft, or damage of the original permit and payment of replacement fee.​

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