State and Estimated Taxes

​​​​State Taxes 

State of Virginia flagOnce you have filed your State taxes with the Commissioner of Revenue (COR), the Treasurer has been tasked by the Department of Taxation (DOT) to record any payments made.  In addition, if a balance is owed at the time of filing, this office will send out a notice stating the amount due.  If you filed electronically or submitted your return directly to the DOT, we will not have record of this and can not accept any payments due.  Likewise, if you filed with the COR, the DOT does not have record of any payments although they are aware that a filing has been made to the COR. On January 31st of each year, the previous years monies paid as well as a listing of unpaid accounts are submitted to the DOT.


​Estimated Taxes 

After submitting your first estimated income tax payment to the Commissioner of Revenue (COR), the remaining three payments due June 15th, September 15th, and January 15th will be collected by the City Treasurer. Our role is to post all estimated payments and then forward the monies to the Department of Taxation.  This office will create and mail for each of the remaining quarterly installments 30 days prior to the due date.

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