The City Treasurer's Office has been tasked with the collection of court ordered restitution payments and the subsequent reimbursement when monies are received.

​​Paying Restitution

If you have been ordered by the General District Court, Circuit Court, or Juvenile/Domestic Relations Court to pay restitution, you need to contact the City Treasurer Restitution Department to set up an account to help you manage your restitution to avoid becoming delinquent with the Courts.

​Fee Schedule​​

​​​One time Administrative Fee:​$30
​Payment Processing Fee:​$3
​Delinquent by 1 day, Late Fee:$16
​Delinquent by 10 days, Late Fee*:​$16

The maximum late fee per month is $32.

Fees will be paid prior to any monies being applied to your Restitution Account.

*Defendants under the age of 18 will be subject to a maximum late fee not to exceed their total installment amount.

Receiving Restitution

If it has been determined by the General District Court, Circuit Court, or Juvenile/Domestic Relations Court that you are to receive restitution payments, please know that we are using the full extent of our powers to obtain full restitution on your behalf. There are various steps that we take to collect:

  • Monthly statements are mailed to the defendant showing the installment amount and the fees that are due on the 15th of the month. If we receive payment, you will receive the amount applied to the installment.  Checks are mailed at the end of each month.

  • If a defendant has not made a payment for 90 days, the court where judgment was rendered and the Circuit Court will be notified.  Additionally, all three credit reporting agencies will be informed of the delinquency. 

  • Once the courts have been notified, we begin delinquent collections which can include but are not limited to liens on wages, bank accounts, personal property and/or state monies eligible through tax refunds or lottery winnings.

In the case of delinquency, it may take us a while to obtain your full restitution, but we will continue to use any and all avenues available to the Treasurer.​

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