Parking Tickets

​​​​​​​​​​The City Treasurer is tasked with the collection of Parking Tickets administered by the Police Department and/or ​the City's Parking Management Office​.  Once a Parking Ticket has been issued, you may visit any one of the City Treasurer's Offices to pay in person or you may pay onl​in​e.  Fines not paid within fourteen (14) calendar days are increased as indicated by figures in the second column of the table below.  ​

You are able to appeal to the City Treasurer the parking ticket by completing the Parking Ticket Appeal Form and emailing it to with your documentation. Instructions for completing the form and examples of documentation are described on the form. The appeal form must be returned to the City Treasurer's Office within fourteen (14) calendar days of the citation issue date, otherwise the fee will increase based on the chart below.  

If there is not sufficient evidence to support the appeal, you are able to contest the parking ticket and request a court date by completing the  Parking Ticket Contesting form within thirty (30) calendar days of ticket issuance.  

Common reasons that DO NOT support dismissing a citation are:

  • I was only in violation for a minute;
  • I did not know that I could not park there;
  • I think the fine is too high;
  • I did not see the sign or curb markings;
  • I cannot afford to pay the fine;
  • I have never had a ticket before;
  • I will never do it again.
Late appeals/contests will be subject to increased fines(s) and may include administration fees and a DMV Stop.  The owner and driver of the vehicle are both responsible for the parking ticket and bear the burden of proof when contesting the citation.  

Violation to wit:​​<14 days​>14 days
​21-303(a) (1)​$50​$100
​21-303(a) (2-8) ​$35​$70
​21-303(b) (1-12)​$20​$40
​21-see comments on ticket​$35​$70
​21-321, 322(c), or 323​$20​$40
​21-353 (b)​$70​$140

Please refer to City Code Section 21 or State Code Section 46.2 for detailed reference.​
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