Parking Tickets

​​​​​​​​​​The City Treasurer is tasked with the collection of Parking Tickets administered by the Police Department and/or ​the City's Parking Management Office​.  Once a Parking Ticket has been issued, you may visit any one of the City Treasurer's Offices to pay in person or you may pay onl​in​e.  Fines not paid within fourteen (14) calendar days are increased as indicated by figures in the second column of the table below.  ​To appeal the parking ticket, send an email to with documentation and a detailed description of your appeal.  If your appeal is denied you may contest the parking ​​​​ticket and request a court date by completing the Parking Ticket Contesting form within thirty (30) calendar days of ticket issuance.  Late appeals will be subject to the increased fine(s) and may​ include Administration fees and a DMV Stop. 

Violation to wit:​​<14 days​>14 days
​21-303(a) (1)​$50​$100
​21-303(a) (2-8) ​$35​$70
​21-303(b) (1-12)​$20​$40
​21-see comments on ticket​$35​$70
​21-321, 322(c), or 323​$20​$40
​21-353 (b)​$70​$140

Please refer to City Code Section 21 or State Code Section 46.2 for detailed reference.​
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