Delinquent Collections

​​​​​Delinquent Collection Procedures

 If one or more of your City accounts become delinquent, the account may be referred to the City Treasurer's Office for collection.  Upon receipt, the Treasurer's office will send a letter advising that your account has been assigned to them for collection. Continued delinquency for any outstanding tax* or monies due to the City will require the Treasurer to initiate one or more of the forced collection procedures listed below: 
  • Enrollment in the DMV Vehicle Registration Withholding Program (VRWP), which will require payment of all delinquent taxes prior to renewing your state registration;
  • Issuance of a Tax Lien against your bank account or your wages earned at your place of Employment; 
  • Seizure and Sale of your personal property;
  • A Judgment rendered against you in General District Court and recorded against your credit; 
  • Attachment of your Virginia State Tax Refund or Lottery Winnings. 

Any delinquent action taken may result in additional costs and fees associated with actions taken during collection efforts.

*Delinquent Real Estate taxes are excluded from this section, as they have their own policies and procedures. See the Real Estate section under Taxes and Other Collections.

Have You Received a Delinquent Collections Letter?


If you have received a delinquent collections letter from the Office of the City Treasurer, you still have several options available to remedy your account prior to forced collection action.  Click here to review our payment options. 

​If you believe that your property was not properly assessed, please click here for information on how to contact the Commissioner of the Revenue.

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