City Treasurer

​​​​​John T Atkinson

I am John T. Atkinson, your City Treasurer.  I am the custodian of all public monies of the City, and the primary purpose of my department is to maximize the collection of revenues on behalf of the City in a timely and efficient manner. I am also responsible to maximize return for all public funds invested by this office. The overall functions of the office are, to a great extent, mandated by State and local legislation and the ability to carry out these mandates is limited by the availability of manpower and equipment. In short, it is the mission of the Office of the Treasurer to ensure economic vitality by the collection of revenue for the City of Virginia Beach and to support the mission of all other City Departments.

The legal authority for the Treasurer's duties and responsibilities is governed by the Constitution of Virginia, the Code of Virginia, Local Ordinances and charter provisions, case law, court decisions and opinions of the Attorney General.

The Treasurer is elected every four years and serves you in this capacity at your will.  It has been my pleasure to serve as your Treasurer since January 2, 1978.

​John T. Atkinson, Treasurer