Mayor's Committee for Persons with Disabilities

​​​​​​​​On behalf of all people with disabilities, and in an advisory capacity to the Mayor, our mission is to raise the awareness of the Mayor, City Council, City Administration and the community at-large of the needs of persons with disabilities. We assist in formulating solutions to meet those needs, and provide advice on issues involving compliance with state and national legislation addressing their needs. ​


The Virginia Beach Mayor's Committee for Persons with Disabilities resolves to work toward:
  • Community Education
    Increasing awareness of disability issues and resources.
  • Legislation
    Develop laws and ordinances affecting citizens with disabilities and their rights.
  • Accessibility
    Assuring that all facilities and programs are totally accessible to citizens with disabilities.
  • Employment
    Promoting more employment opportunities for citizens with disabilities.
  • Transportation
    Acquiring a totally accessible public transportation system.
  • Economics
    Promoting opportunities for economic independence for citizens with disabilities.


We seek members who are Virginia Beach residents: 
  • who have a disability;
  • who have experience working with a person, or persons, with a disability;
  • who are affiliated with organizations that provide services to Virginia Beach residents with a disability; and
  • City employees, in an ex-officio status.
Members are appointed by the Mayor. Membership application forms are available through the Mayor's Office and "Related Documents" on this page.


The meetings are open to the public and are held on the 3rd Thursday of each month from 3:45 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.  For specific dates and locations see "Related Documents".​


The Mayor's Committee for Persons with Disabilities presents annual awards to individuals, businesses and service organizations, which have demonstrated a commitment to improve the lives of the citizens of Virginia Beach with disabilities. The nomination form is available through the Mayor's Office and "Related Documents" on the right. 

Helpful Agenci​es

Phone: (804) 786-0016 
Voice: 1-800-552-5019
TTY: 1-800-464-9950
Virginia Beach Office: 451-7101
Voice: 1-804-786-7933
TDD: 1-800-343-0634
Voice/TTY: 1-800-622-2155
Voice/TTY: (804) 371-3140 (within Virginia)
The Virginia Department for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Voice/TTY: 1-800-552-7917
Voice/TTY: (804) 662-9502 (within Virginia)
Voice Toll Free in Virginia: 800-552-5019
TTY Toll Free in Virginia: 800-464-9950
Voice: 804-662-7000
Toll Free Voice/TTY: 800-552-5019
Voice/TTY:  1-800-552-3962
ADA information line
Voice: 1-800-514-0301
TTY: 1-800-514-0383
For lift-equipped transportation contact Hampton Roads Transit Paratransit:
(757) 455-8010

Parking for the Different-Abled in Virginia Beach​​

loans materials for citizens with disabilities, including books in large print or Braille, and audiocassettes and the playback equipment on which to play them. 757-385-2684
Project Civic Access "Cities and Counties: First Steps Toward Solving Common ADA Problems" created by the US Department of Justice, provides key information to Businesses and State and Local Governments, about how to create accessible buildings.  ADA Design Guide for Handicapped Parking, also from the US Department of Justice, explains how to create accessible car and van spaces when striping parking lots. For more information see U.S. Department of Justice - Civil Rights Division.    
For information regarding tax exemption and relief for the disabled see Do I qualify for Tax Relief or Exemptions?  
Information Services:
Call for information and numbers of other Human Services in Southeastern Virginia
Voice: 625-4543
The Mayor's Committee works to improve the awareness of every person's abilities rather than their disabilities. The Committee works to make Virginia Beach the most accessible city in the U.S.
For additional information, call the Office of the Mayor at 757-385-4581.