Elderly and Disabled Real Estate Tax Relief Program

​​​​The City's Elderly and Disabled Real Estate Tax Relief Program offers seniors 65 and older or permanently disabled citizens, who are not Veterans, the option to defer, freeze or be exempt from real estate taxes. The total tax relief provided to citizens is based on factors that include range of disability, income, and assets of $350,000 or less excluding the value of residence. Disabled Veterans qualify under the program guidelines outlined by the State.

Since 2004, the enrollment and cost of this program has increased significantly. As the senior population in the City grows, the number of participants in the program are forecasted to continue to grow. As an effort to control costs, a committee has been formed to recommend possible changes.​

Committee Members: Barbara Henley, Lee McDaniel, Rosemarie Morehead, Michael Aschkenas, John Eason. Ad Hoc Advisor - Ira Agricola

S​taff Support: Phil Kellam, Catheryn Whitesell, Eric Schmudde, Crystal Featherston

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