Personnel Board

​​​​The Personnel Board was established in accordance with the two (2) State Code Sections that provide for the establishment of a Personnel Board, and a Grievance Procedure.  §15.1‑7.2 provides that the Personnel Board, etc., must be established in cities such as Virginia Beach before June 30, 1974, and outlines the grievance procedure as set forth in State Code §2.1‑114.5:1 to be in effect not later than January 1, 1979.  It is noted that the decision reached by the Board as stated in §2.1‑114.5:1(d) is final and binding in all cases.

Members of the Personnel Board should have reasonable knowledge of the current problems inherent in the management of personnel, particularly those employees in the public sector, which, due to a need to protect the public health, welfare and safety of the citizens, cannot place personal remuneration above their obligation to the public, the fine line between responsibility to the public and personal remuneration requires Personnel Board Members who are sensitive to the needs of both elements and astute in their judgment to protect the interest of all concerned, for these purposes the Board members should have an open mind.