Currently Recruiting Boards & Commissions

​To apply, complete the appropriate application under "Related Documents" and submit application package to the City Clerk's Office.

Flood Prevention Bond Referendum Oversight Board:

This citizen board will oversee and report on the progress of the Flood Protection Program. This group will provide the City Council with regular public briefings every two months addressing the 21 projects included in Phase 1 and progress reports on work to eliminate the backlog in the maintenance of the City's legacy ditches, canals and ponds. The board will consist of seven members.  Five members shall have professional or educational experience in finance, engineering, landscape architecture, environmental sciences, and/or contracting/project management. The remaining two members are not required to have such professional or educational experience.

Independent Citizen Review Board:

On Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2021 the Virginia Beach City Council unanimously voted to accept the recommendations of the Citizen Review Panel Task Force to restructure the current Investigation Review Panel into an Independent Citizen Review Board.  

In 2020, the General Assembly passed legislation that granted localities the option to establish a law-enforcement civilian oversight body and to empower the oversight body with certain duties, subject to policies and procedures established by the governing body for the performance of those duties.  

Over the course of more than a dozen meetings and work done by the 11 members of the Task Force (all of which totaled almost 800 hours of volunteer service), the task force reached a unanimous recommendation regarding the establishment of an oversight body for the City, including both proposed duties and the required policies and procedures regarding the performance of those duties. The Task Force presented their recommendations to City Council on Sept. 7, 2021. The Council  established an Independent Citizen Review Board and directed the City Manager to move forward with next steps.

The Independent Citizen Review Board will have 13 members, 2 are to be non-voting members with law enforcement experience. Members appointed shall be eligible to vote, reside in the City and reflect the demographic, racial, gender/gender identity and socio-economy of the City, with 2 members appointed who are under the age of 40 and chosen on the basis of expertise and experience in fields relevant to the performance of the Board's duties. 

Disqualifiers: None shall be City employees or their immediate family members, public office holder or candidate, current employee of any law enforcement agency, convicted felon (some exceptions) a person convicted of any misdemeanor involving moral turpitude, sex offense, domestic assault, or offenses involving children as victims or gun violations, currently or previously subject to a protective order, less than honorable discharge from the military, multiple DUI convictions within 10 years, any pending criminal charges/adjudication, outstanding judgements, pending litigation against the City or law enforcement officer by the appointee or immediate family member.  

Once new board members have been identified and trained, the City Council will consider a resolution to dissolve and replace the current Investigation Review Panel.

Stormwater Appeals Board:

The Stormwater Appeals Board is the appeal authority designated by City Council to hear appeals from any permit applicant or permittee, or person subject to Ordinance requirements, aggrieved by an action of the City taken in regard to the Ordinance. The board will be comprised of five citizen members and two alternates.  Three members shall have professional or educational experience in civil engineering, land surveying, landscape architecture, environmental sciences, earth or soil sciences, natural resources, chemistry or other commensurate professional or educational background. The City Attorney or his representative shall serve as legal counsel and Public Works and Planning Department will provide support staff.

Meeting schedules for these boards have not yet been determined.  Positions are open until filled.