Beaches and Waterways Commission

​​​​The Beaches and Waterways Commission shall review issues referred to the Commission by City Council concerning access to, and the preservation, development and use of, the City’s beaches and waterways and to make recommendations to the City Council regarding such issues. 

The Commission shall also serve as the City’s local Erosion Advisory Commission and carry out the responsibilities imposed on such local commissions pursuant to § 10.1-711 of the Code of Virginia.

Specifically, the Commission shall study the issues of dredge spoils removal and transfer stations and to present a report to City Council detailing its findings by February 7, 2012.  The study shall include, at a minimum:

  • the feasibility of alternative dredging methods, such as hydraulic rather than mechanical dredging;

  • ​the potential for beneficial reuse of spoils

  • opportunity for public input from all concerned citizens with at least one facilitated structured meeting for public input;

  • an analysis of the impact on affected communities (both those receiving dredging and those in the vicinity of the existing and proposed transfer stations) with a focus on identifying sites that are sufficient to support the needs of the project but that have the least potential adverse impact for the community; and

  • ​a proposed framework with parameters for operation of the spoils sites, including potential use of the sites by the public for dredging by entities or individuals other than the City.

The City Manager shall direct his staff to assist and support the Board in preparing this study.


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